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With more than 40 faculty members, over 30 graduate students, 2 Ph.D. programs, 3 M.A. programs, and 5 undergraduate programs, the Purdue English Department makes significant contributions to the education of thousands of students from across the university. The department teaches courses in first-year composition, professional writing, creative writing, linguistics, and literature, including courses listed in the Core Curriculum for Purdue and for the College of Liberal Arts. We are also recognized for our Writing Lab and Online Writing Lab. We were ranked the #2 Best School in the U.S. for English Majors by College Magazine in 2022.

Founded in 1869 as Indiana’s land-grant university, Purdue itself is now one of the premier STEM institutions in the United States. US News & World Report ranks Purdue #18 for top public schools and #7 for Most Innovative Schools. Amidst this excellence, Purdue has not lost the spirit of its land-grant origins. The English Department sees itself as extending the university’s mission through community enrichment and engaged service that bring liberal arts values to the public in ways that enhance Purdue’s STEM orientation.