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ICaP Assessment

Welcome to ICaP Assessment! Our goal with these web pages is to share information concerning our assessment projects with our instructors as well as any visitors to our site. We have built a community around assessment, so we intend to continue to be more transparent about our assessment practices in these web pages.

We have updated our portfolio materials for instructors.

We have three current pages to this website: The Portfolio Common Assignment, The Purpose of Reflection, and the History of ICaP Assessment. Below, you will find a list of our current assessment reports for your convenience; however, these are also linked within the web pages linked above.

Questions can be directed to ICaP Staff at

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is a completely ICaP instructor-run committee made up of graduate students and visiting clinical instructors. It is led by the current Assessment Coordinator. Historically, the committee has held its mission is as follows:

The Assessment Committee is committed to creating visibility to scholarly-grounded assessment practices through instructor and website resources, norm, read, and rate sessions, and professional development opportunities. Additionally, the committee is dedicated to making sure assessment is data driven, collaborative, transparent, and influenced by current writing assessment and social justice scholarship.

If you would like to join the Assessment Committee, please contact ICaP Staff.

Assessment Reports

Fall 2022: Foundational Learning Outcomes Assessment, by Marisa Yerace and Bradley Dilger

2021-2022 End of Year Report by Marisa Yerace and assessment raters

2020-2021 End of Year Report by Kailyn Shartel Hall

2019-2020 End of Year Report by Derek Sherman and the assessment committee

January 2019: Foundational Outcomes Assessment, by Derek Sherman, Alisha Karabinus, and Bradley Dilger.

2018-2019 Academic Year: ICaP Assessment Plans, by Derek Sherman

May 2018: Piloting the common assignment, by Daniel Ernst, Carrie Grant, Alisha Karabinus, and Derek Sherman.

Spring 2017: Council of Writing Program Administrators’ Report on ICaP, by Dr. Anne Ruggles Gere, Dr. Michael Pemberton, and Dr. Louise Wetherbee Phelps

June 2015: ICaP 2014-2015 Assessment Report, by Dr. Jennifer L. Bay, Dr. Fredrik deBoer, Luke Redington, Sherri Craig, and Dr. M. Brooke Robertshaw