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Graduate Student Travel Funding

In 2018-2019, the Department will provide financial support for students seeking to travel for professional conference presentations. 

$7,000 has been allocated to supplement CLA PROMISE funding, which offers CLA-wide domestic travel grants of up to $750, or $1,500 for international travel. The English Department will supply up to an additional $250 per student annually, bringing the total possible support per student to $1,000 domestic / $1,750 international.

Who is eligible to apply?

How can I apply?

How can I access my travel funds?

Application for Graduate Student Travel Support

To be eligible for this funding, graduate students must:

  • be enrolled in one of the English department’s graduate programs
  • be in good academic standing and making sufficient progress towards degree (ABD is NOT required; progress IS)
  • be listed on the program of a professional conference (a copy of your acceptance will also suffice for application purposes)
  • have applied for PROMISE funding while such funding is available (if the PROMISE grants close for the year but funding in the department remains, students may still apply for departmental funding)

How to Apply for Funding:

Because funding is limited (and also because it’s simply good practice), students are urged to aim high and make the best use of their funding opportunities.  The department encourages graduate applications to present at national, international, or otherwise high-profile venues. 

To apply for funding, first fill out a PROMISE application (

Next, fill out the “Application for Graduate Student Travel Support” form, and attach copies of your acceptance or conference program, and a copy of your PROMISE award application approval. Email the application materials in a single .pdf file to Jill Quirk (

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis on about the 15th of every month while funding lasts.

How to Access Funding:

The University uses the Concur Travel System for all requests and subsequent reimbursement for Purdue employees.  The English Department requires that all travel requests and expense reports from the English Grad Student Travel Fund be created by Joshua Kaminski (  Students will be responsible for submitting those requests and reports. 

Please note that you must generate a request to travel BEFORE actually taking the trip.  This can be done well in advance, but must be done a minimum of two weeks prior to travel. 

In order to begin your request, please send a copy of your approved “Application for Graduate Student Travel Support” form to Josh at least two weeks before the conference. 

  • You will be notified through a Concur email when your trip request is created.  However, the request is not official until you submit it yourself.  Please submit your request as soon as you receive the email from Concur.
  • Access to Concur can be made under the Purdue Employee Portal via the University homepage.  Please log in to Concur and click on your trip request. 
  • In Concur, navigate to the Request tab and double-click on the request title (e.g., ENGL_YourLastName TripDestination) to open the request.
  • There will be a blue button in the upper right portion of the screen that reads, “Submit.” Click “Submit” so that your trip request can be processed. 

Within 30 days of your return from your trip, bring your receipts (except for meals and gas: Purdue uses a standard per diem and mileage rate) to Josh, and he will then help you to create an expense report in Concur in order to process your reimbursement.

  • You will be notified again through a Concur email when your expense report is created. 
  • You must follow the procedures above to submit your expense report, making sure you have navigated to the Expense tab.
  • You must click “Submit” before your reimbursement can be processed through the English Dept. Business Office.