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Meet our Students

Libby Chernouski Finds “Scholarly Home” at Norwegian Interdisciplinary Institute

Libby ChernouskiLibby Chernouski, a second-year doctoral student in Purdue’s English Language and Linguistics program, attended the Norwegian Summer Institute on Language the Mind in Oslo, Norway in summer 2017. The prestigious and competitive Institute brings together scholars from around the world to lecture on topics related to cognition and linguistics. This year’s topic was “Cognition and Computation,” a theme Chernouski found particularly appealing because it fell right between her two fields of study. Crediting the recent work she has been doing with Dr. Victor Raskin in natural language processing theory, Chernouski says that, as an interdisciplinary scholar, she felt at home at the Institute: “The Institute helped me develop and understand the theoretical foundations of my own research more clearly. The lecturers presented a fairly united theoretical framework, with disagreements based on some of the finer theoretical and methodological points rather than larger assumptions. I found myself disagreeing with the lecturers' approaches not infrequently, but I also felt that I understood the particular framework - which is dominant in linguistics - much better. This will help me contextualize my own work and respond to philosophers and linguists who would disagree with my approach to my research.”  Find the link here.

When asked about how her time at Purdue, which includes a Master of Arts degree awarded in 2016 and her current doctoral studies, influenced her participation at the institute, Chernouski responded: “I do feel that my time at Purdue prepared me well for the Institute. I have been able to take such a wide variety of courses dealing with different aspects of language, theory, and philosophy that I felt pretty at home even as I was being challenged. The encouragement I've received at Purdue and especially from Dr. Victor Raskin in my interdisciplinary research interests has not only been vital to my success at Purdue, but truly has prepared me for the kind of international collaboration that I was able to experience at the Institute.”

Libby Chernouski’s travel and participation in the Norwegian Summer Institute on Language the Mind in Oslo, Norway was made possible with the support of the Purdue Graduate Student Government Professional Development Award.