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About Us

We are an innovative program using anthropological knowledge and skills to understand and make changes in the world. Our signature Anthropologies of Tomorrow (AOT) departmental initiative ( embraces publicly engaged and interdisciplinary scholarship that includes community partnerships, and preparation of students for diverse and impactful careers. As a leading-edge Department of Anthropology in a research-intensive university with a public service mission, we feature an exciting interface between students, faculty, practitioners, and community partners. The Department of Anthropology at Purdue University provides leadership by cultivating an inclusive environment through innovation, collaboration, and awareness of global perspectives on social justice. We affirm our commitments to respecting all people regardless of, but not limited to, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental/physical ability, religion, age, political affiliation, citizenship, and region of origin. 

Anthropologists share an appreciation of and commitment to understanding the full range of human identity and experience. We share a core value of engaging with the world with respect and attention to ethics, experiencing cultures, and learning new perspectives and viewpoints different from our own. 

Our broad representation of anthropological expertise at Purdue positions us to study human diversity through time and globally. Through our integrated approaches to discovery, learning, and engagement, we expand human knowledge and address pressing issues in society and on our planet today, across a huge range of human and more than human experiences. Anthropologists are committed to figuring out how to address societies’ challenges and confront equity and rights concerns to achieve fulfillment, peace, justice, and freedom. We apply anthropological knowledge and perspectives to work collaboratively on health and disease, climate change, food security, human rights, technology, and peace initiatives, amongst others.  We hope that anthropological research, teaching, and service will contribute to creating a world where human rights are honored, our environment is cared for, and human dignity is the common goal.



Anthropologists can contribute to change in the world. We do this, in part, by making sure our graduates have preparation with the skills and experiences they will need for a broad spectrum of careers. In Anthropology, you will work on global problems in interdisciplinary teams and learn about the diversity of local efforts. You can participate in summer field schools around the world, study abroad, do hands-on research in a variety of field, laboratory and online settings and have opportunities for community engagement. We are committed to exploring human diversity across time and space. We invite you to join us!