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Paul Draper

Paul Draper


PhD, University of California, Irvine

Curriculum Vitae
Office: BRNG 7127
Office Phone: (765) 496-9492


Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science

Selected Publications


  • "Probabilistic Arguments for Multiple Universes” (with Kai Draper and Joel Pust), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 88.3 (2007): 288-307.
  • "Cosmic Fine-Tuning and Terrestrial Suffering: Parallel Problems for Naturalism and Theism,”American Philosophical Quarterly 41.4 (2004): 311-321.
  • "Irreducible Complexity and Darwinian Gradualism: A Reply to Michael J. Behe,” Faith and Philosophy 22 (2002): 3-21.
  • "God and Perceptual Evidence,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 32 (1992): 149-165.
  • "Hume’s Reproduction Parody of the Design Argument,” History of Philosophy Quarterly 8 (1991): 135-148.
  • "Pain and Pleasure: An Evidential Problem for Theists,” Nous 23 (1989): 331-350.

Book Chapters

  • "The Problem of Evil,” in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology, ed. Thomas P. Flint and Michael Rea (Oxford University Press, 2009), pp. 332-351.
  • "God, Science, and Naturalism,” in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion, ed. William J. Wainwright, Oxford Reference Library of Philosophy, ed. Paul K. Moser (Oxford University Press, 2005), pp. 272-303.
  • "The Skeptical Theist,” in The Evidential Argument from Evil, ed. Daniel Howard-Snyder (Indiana University Press, 1996), pp. 175-192.

Edited Books

Recent Professional Activities

  • Skeptical Theism Fellow, University of Notre Dame, 2011-2012.
  • Alvin Plantinga Fellow, University of Notre Dame, 2010-2011. 
  • Editor, Philo: A Journal of Philosophy, 2007-2012.
  • President, Society for Philosophy of Religion, 2008-2009.

Work in Progress

  • Book: The Evidential Problem of Evil.