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Digital Criminology

Photo of Madi Short.



Madi Short gained a better understanding of how lawyers prepare their defenses by assisting them with their cases as an intern in a public defender's office. Read more here.

Majoring in Digital Criminology

Digital Criminology is a multidisciplinary program utilizing criminological theories and understandings on human behaviors, coupled with philosophies law and legal principles with the sciences of cyber security as an investigative tool for mapping digital crimes. This program partners Law and Society curriculum with the Purdue Polytechnic Institute-Cyber Security program to build an academic program targeting students with interest in cyber-investigations.



Upon completion of the program, Digital Criminology majors may choose to enter a field directly or indirectly-related to their major. Student experiences might include:

  • Disaster Program Specialist
  • Security/Probation Officer
  • Child Support Case Worker
  • Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff
  • Youth Development Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Dispatcher
  • Legal Assistant
  • Graduate or Professional School


All Purdue University College of Liberal Arts majors prepare students with the skills identified as contributing to professional success: communicating and listening well, an understanding and appreciation of diverse points of view, creative thinking and problem solving, a collaborative mindset, the ability to synthesize complex ideas and communicate them clearly, and a Boilermaker work ethic.

Digital Criminology majors develop skills that are applicable to many different careers. These skills may include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing and interpreting data to increase understanding of human social behavior.
  • Planning and conducting research to develop and test theories about societal issues such as crime, group relations, and poverty.
  • Writing reports containing research findings.
  • Data collection including observation, interviews, surveys, and review of documents.
  • Experience with database software, such as Microsoft Access or Oracle, to store, modify, and organize data.


Digital Criminology majors may choose to enter into the workforce using the skills they have acquired at Purdue or to attend graduate school upon completion of their degree.  

The Digital Criminology major launched Fall 2020. As Student complete the major, additional details will be added.

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