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ETD Form 9 now called GS Form 30

September 12, 2014

The Graduate School has changed the number of the ETD Form 9 to reduce confusion between it and the GS Form 9. The ETD Form 9 is now called GS Form 30.

GS Form 30 (formerly ETD Form 9) contains the names of your committee members but no signatures. It is added to the front of the PDF that you deposit electronically. It must be impossible to change the wording of the GS Form 30. If necessary, you may print it out and scan it in as a PDF to accomplish this.

GS Form 9 is the form your committee members sign after the defense. It may or may not contain their names in typing, but it must contain their signatures. The Head of the Graduate Program and the Thesis Format Advisor also sign this form. You turn this form in at the deposit appointment.



September 12, 2014

Starting September 1, 2014, all students and their major professors must sign a statement on Graduate School Form 32 stating that the thesis or dissertation is free of plagiarism, that all copyright material is properly documented, and that the manuscript was run through the iThenticate software and any flagged passages have been corrected.

The iThenticate scan is intended to help the candidate and the major professor work together to properly prepare the manuscript. It is not intended to be punitive or to charge the student with plagiarism. Major professors will be trained in how to administer the scan, must register for the account, and must run the scan themselves. Students do not have access to the software.

The most important thing to remember is that the scan has to be done when the thesis is fully worded so that no new passages will be introduced after the scan, but before the defense and certainly before the deposit. You will have to allow enough time after the scan to attend to any passages that need attention.

EXPECT DELAYS. Do not leave this until the last minute, requiring you or your major professor or any school officials to stay up all night to meet this requirement. The Thesis Format Advisor will not come in after hours or weekends because the scan delayed your progress on your thesis or dissertation.

For help in preventing unintentional plagiarism, visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) site at


Deposit Fee

August 26, 2013

The Purdue University Board of Trustees announced on August 26, 2013 that at its May 22, 2013 meeting, it had approved a thesis deposit fee, effective Fall 2013. The following fee rates will apply:

Master's Thesis Fee, $90.00
PhD Dissertation Fee, $125.00

The fee will be uploaded into the student account after the student has successfully deposited his/her thesis or dissertation. Candidates may view their deposit fee charge one to three days after it deposit and must pay it prior to Commencement or face a penalty. For further information, visit


University Thesis/Dissertation Office Location

July 29, 2013

The University Thesis/Dissertation Office is located in Young Hall, Room B-80, which is in the basement of Young. The telephone number is (765) 494-3231.


New Google+ puthesis community for LaTex Users

May 22, 2013

Earlier today Mark Senn set up a Google+ puthesis community. There will be information posted the Google+ puthesis community site on how to use the puthesis LaTeX template.

If you're using puthesis and don't have any questions there is no need
to join the community. If you have problems, would like to learn better
ways to do things, would like to show off what you've done, or would like
to answer questions please join the community.

To join the Google+ puthesis community go to

Create a Google account if you don't already have one by left clicking
on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button in the upper left corner of the screen
and following the instructions
sign in to your Google account.

Then, go to
and click on the red "Join community" button to join the puthesis community.

—Mark Senn, puthesis author, Engineering Computer Network, Purdue


How To Make Your Final Deposit Appointment

June 1, 2014

The University Thesis/Dissertation Office strongly encourages you to make your Final Deposit Appointment as early as possible in the semester in which you plan to deposit.

How to fill out appointment request:
• Go to link on the Graduate School site.

• Choose appropriate request type from drop-down box and click “Request Appointment.” Currently, the Thesis/Dissertation Office scheduling app provides five choices:

1-In-Person "Walk-in" Thesis Final Deposit Appointment
2-Proxy Thesis Final Deposit Appointment
4-Long Distance Deposit
5-Request for cancellation

• Fill out information properly and click “Book Appointment.”

• Confirmation page will be displayed upon completion of the form. Keep the contact information for future reference.

Note: The cancel button will take you back to the first page of the appointment request.



Your Final Proof Should Be the PDF, Not the Word Document

October 5, 2010

You are all finished with your thesis/dissertation, so you assemble all the forms and documents, make the PDF, and you are now ready to make the electronic deposit, right? Wrong. First you have to print it out from the PDF, or at least open up the PDF and go page by page checking to see that the formatting still looks as it did the last time you looked at the on-screen Word document or the print out from the Word document. Occasionaly, something happens in the conversion from Word document to PDF and sometimes that something may delay final deposit. A recent candidate discovered that for some reason, the conversion process added extra spacing after each subhead. Usually it is something like text moving from one page to the next, or the top margin moving down a line. Or there may be no problem. But if there is a problem, you need to discover it before you make the electronic deposit. You might even want to do a dry run PDF conversion early in the process just to be sure it will work smoothly before you do the final conversion.




Use the Latest Version of Required Forms

September 24, 2010

The University Thesis/Dissertation Office reports that one of the major holdups for deposit recently has been the submission of obsolete, incomplete, or incorrect forms. Any of these issues will have to remedied before a thesis can be accepted for deposit and the candidate can graduate.

Please be certain to download each form from the University Thesis/Dissertation Website (do not Google the form) and do the download in the semester in which you expect to deposit. Download the forms as close as possible to your deposit appointment date because forms may be updated at any time. If your deposit is delayed, you should double check to be sure that the form you downloaded previously has not been changed in the meantime. This includes both paper and ETD forms.

Once you are sure you have the latest version of the form, be sure that you have filled it out completely and correctly. Your name and the title of your thesis must be the same every time they appear, and they must match University records. You don't want someone else to get credit for your thesis! Even if your name seems to be one of a kind, you may be surprised to find there have been several of you getting degrees from Purdue over the years. Also, look the form over to see if the person who gave it to you expected you to complete something, like typing in the title of your thesis. Be certain you have all the necessary signatures and that all blanks are completed.

















Last Updated: September 29, 2014
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