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The following links (which open in new windows) may be useful in preparing your thesis or dissertation:

1. University Thesis Office
Visit the University Thesis Office Web site at for information on your final check.

2. MLA Style
A document describing MLA documentation format is available from Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL). The latest edition is the 7th (2009), with a blue cover and multicolored broken lines. The OWL page reflecting the 2009 revision is located at

You can also find information on MLA style on the Modern Languages Association Web site.

3. APA Style
A document describing APA documentation format is available from Purdue's Online Writing lab (OWL) at
The newest edition is the 6th, 2nd printing, with a blue cover. The above site has been revised in accordance with this edition.

The APA also has a website that offers information about APA style:
It covers the 6th edition. Included is a link to a page listing corrections to the 6th edition.

4. LSA Style
A document describing LSA documentation format is available from the Linguistic Society of America at See also

5. Chicago Style
The University of Chicago answers questions about Chicago style as described in the Chicago Manual of Style (abbreviated CMOS). Visit The latest edition is the 16th, which came out in the summer of 2010. At 1026 pages, it is a rich source of information on many topics.

For those using a Purdue computer. The CMOS may be accessed free at

The CMOS includes several references to LaTeX in chapter 12, "Mathematics in Type." Table 12.1 (pp. 584-86) and Fig. 12.3 (p. 614) provide LaTeX commands and a sample of LaTeX source code.

6. Copyright
The University Copyright Office offers information on copyright at

7. Writing Style
An online edition of Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., is available from the Bartleby Archive at Columbia at

8. SLC Guidelines for Master's and PhD
These helpful guidelines documents are available on the SLC site. They are available here (MA) and here (PhD).

9. Dr. Abel Scribe--Style Guides and More
This site, created by graduate students, offers free guides to APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, CBE, and AMA styles. It also offers several other documents online and downloadable to help you with your writing.

10.There are a number of sites that offer online dictionaries of varying quality. While most are not replacements for printed dictionaries, these do provide quick lookups.

OneLook Dictionaries contains up to 200 dictionaries. It is possible to search one, several, or all dictionaries at once for a single term.

The Real Academia Española offers two online Spanish dictionaries here.

Le Trésor de la Langue Française is online here.

The American Heritage Spanish/English dictionary is available here.

ARTFL French/English dictionary may be found on this site. offers a number of online English/language dictionaries, including Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary can be accessed here.

Other Helpful Links

Article about Useful Web Sites, by Kim Komando
Visit this site for a column in the Journal and Courier by Kim Komando about useful Web sites for students, both college and high school. Some of the tips above are from this article. There are other useful sites in the article, as well. From 11 Sep. 2006.

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