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SLC Thesis Format Approval Process

If you are writing a masterís thesis or doctoral dissertation and you are registered in the School of Languages and Cultures, you are required to follow the suggestions and requirements of Purdue Format as set forth in documents, videos, and workshops available on the University Thesis Office website: <>. The workshop is vitally important; you must arrange to attend one. There the requirements will be explained and you will receive a packet of formatting information.

All deposits must be done electronically 24-48 hours before your in-person deposit appointment with the University Thesis Office Director, Mark Jaeger. To complete the deposit, a number of forms and surveys must be presented at this appointment. Early in the semester in which you plan to deposit, you must visit the University Thesis Office website, where you can make this appointment online. If you wait too long you may not get an apppointment and may not be able to graduate that semester.

Our School has its own requirements, which are not given on the University Thesis website.

• SLC specifies use of Purdue Format.

• In addition, the School allows underlining or italic type, but not both, throughout the thesis. The two mean the same thing. Underlining was used in place of italics when manual typewriters couldnít do italics; italics is the standard in book production.

• Boldface type may be used in subheads only.

• Ask your major professor what authority to follow for documentation style (MLA, APA, LSA, etc.). Copies required by SLC are listed in the SLC Guidelines, on a separate sheet, and in the FAQ on this SLC Thesis website.

Information on forms, scheduling, and deadlines is available in the Grad Office, Room 141, from Joni Hipsher, the SLC Graduate Secretary.

The current School thesis format advisor is Susan Clawson (, in Room 154, Stanley Coulter Hall. The School thesis format advisor will check the format and help in interpreting the requirements. She will answer questions about software, but she will not do the computer work. She will not make the deposit or the required copies, return long distance phone calls, or mail packages off-campus.

You should visit the SLC thesis format advisor early in your work on your thesis and complete a form for her records.

When your complete thesis is formatted (before or after your defense), you may leave a paper copy in Rm 154 or email a PDF (Word docs will not be accepted) to The thesis format advisor will check the format only and email you her comments in writing. Afterward, if you have questions, stop by the office for an explanation. When the requirements are satisfied, she will sign the paper Form 9 (Thesis Acceptance Form), which you will prepare for your defense. Although there are two possibilities listed on the form 9 (Major Professor or Departmental Thesis Format Advisor), the thesis format advisor is the person authorized by the School of Languages and Cultures to sign for format approval.

After your defense, and after the thesis is approved by your committee and the thesis format advisor and all corrections are made, you will be ready to make the electronic deposit. Instructions may be found on the University Thesis website.


SLC Thesis Format Approval Process form download

The information above is repeated on the SLC Thesis Format Approval Process form for your information. Please download the document and print two copies, one to keep and one to turn in. Take one copy to the SLC Thesis Format Advisor in Stanley Coulter 154 (Campus Mail address: Susan Clawson/SLC/SC). This will help her in checking your thesis. It will also provide her with your contact information.

Download a copy in PDF format here.

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