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French Courses - FALL 2018

In addition to offering the 101-102 and 201-202 language courses, and the one-credit hour conversation classes (FR11200, FR21200 and FR31200), the following courses will be taught in Fall 2018.

FR 241 Introduction to the Study of French Literature
Instructor: Prof. Broden & Prof. Wood
Reading and discussion of selected poetry, prose, and theatre from France and the Francophone world; introduction to critical discourse and basic concepts of literary theory. Texts, discussion, and written assignments in French.

FR 301 French V
Instructor: TBA
Continued development of French speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities, using materials dealing primarily with everyday life and civilization in France and the other French-speaking countries from various sources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, TV, recent literature, etc.). Conducted in French.

FR 302 French Level VI
Instructor: TBA
Further work to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities in French on the basis of materials dealing with the ideas and events that have shaped present-day France and other French-speaking countries. Conducted in French.

FR 324 Business French II
Instructor: Landais, Clotilde
Practical reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills at an intermediate level will be developed toward the use of French for business purposes. Course materials cover daily business dealing as well as national and international trade.

FR 330 French Cinema
Instructor: Leverage, Paula
A general survey of major French cinematic trends from the earliest examples (Melies, Lumiere) to the New Wave (Chabrol, Truffaut, Resnais, Godard, etc.), with a discussion of the historical, social, political, aesthetic, and literary contexts. The French film in relation to world cinema. The relationship between the French cinema and French literature. Reading and analysis of scripts and historical and critical materials. Knowledge of French not required.

FR 401 French Level VII
Instructor: TBD
Advanced work on development of French speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities, focusing on materials dealing primarily with culture and the arts in France and the other French-speaking countries. Conducted primarily in French.

FR 519 Teaching college French
Instructor: Neary-Sundquist, Colleen
A course designed to provide a forum for ideas connecting theory and research to teaching practice. Explores issues related to how learning and teaching can be enhanced and presents practical ideas that can be implemented in the classroom. Permission of department required.

FR 564  Introduction to Old French
Instructor: Leverage, Paula
Introduction to the study of Old French. Phonetic, syntactic, and stylistic questions will be addressed through the analysis of original texts.

FR 581 French Culture
Instructor: Prof. Broden, Thomas
Designed for French minors, majors, and other advanced French students, this course explores the highlights of French culture over the ages. After a short introduction to French geography (natural features, cities, traditional provinces), we will study the Lascaux cave paintings, Gallo-Roman civilization, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance châteaux, and Versailles. We will view paintings from Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, and paintings and sculptures from the Classical period to the Contemporary era. We will discuss main trends in French society, ideas, and aesthetics, and will examine major historical figures such as Joan of Arc, Louis XIV, Napoleon, and Charles de Gaulle. Students will become familiar with much of the cultural knowledge commonly considered essential for every French person.
In addition to homework, quizzes, and tests, students will give presentations and write reports on their own individually chosen topics.
Conducted in French, the course aims to improve students’ listening comprehension, discussion skills, reading comprehension, competence in writing short essays, and ability to describe visual images orally and in writing. The course also seeks to develop skills in analysis and critical thinking.

FR 596 L2 Teaching With Film
Instructor: Prof. Sturm, Jessica
This course addresses how to use film in a pedagogically principled manner in the L2 classroom.  Activities will include film excerpts, films based on literary texts, TV programs, short films, whole films.  The course will also feature activities using various filmic aspects (sound, light, colors, etc).
Examples will be in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and English.

FR 596  Second Language Speech
Instructor: Dmitrieva, Olga

FR 679  Classroom Second Language Acquisition
Instructor: Prof. Wei, Mariko

Full list of French Courses

  • FRENCH 101-202 Levels I-IV - Staff
  • FRENCH 112 Elementary Conversation I - Staff
  • FRENCH 211-212 Elementary Conversation II-III - Staff
  • FRENCH 224 Business French
  • FRENCH 241 Introduction to the Study of French Literature
  • FRENCH 301 Level V - Leverage
  • FRENCH 302-1 Level VI - Broden
  • FRENCH 302-2 Level VI
  • FRENCH 312-Advanced Conversation III+ - Staff
  • FRENCH 324 Business French
  • FRENCH 330 French Cinema (List of Films)
  • FRENCH 341 French Literature I: From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment - Wood
  • FRENCH 380S Traditional Francophone Cultures and Urban Landscapes in the Francophonie
  • FRENCH 396T French for Play Performance
  • FRENCH 402 French Level VIII
  • FRENCH 424 Business French
  • FRENCH 564 Introduction to Old French - Leverage
  • FRENCH 594D Defining Poetry: Renaissance to Duchamp's "Lovers" - White
  • FRENCH 594E 18th Century French Epistolary Novels
  • FRENCH 601 1st Course to Establish Reading Knowledge- Staff
  • FRENCH 603/5 2nd Course to Establish Reading Knowledge - Staff
  • FRENCH 649/FLL 650T Theory of Mind and Literature - Leverage, Mancing
  • FRENCH 659T Seminar: 20th Century French Experimental Theater
  • FRENCH 679G Seminar: Second Language Testing - Grace

Topics Courses

FR 380S Francophone Culture: music, film, television shows, society, and literature from French-speaking countries outside of Europe (Caribbean, West Africa, the Maghreb, Québec). Les mutations de l'histoire, de l'économie et des mentalités ont entraîné des modes de vie davantage tournés vers la ville. Nombreux sont ceux qui quittent les villages pour la grande ville: comment s'effectue pour eux la transition?

FR 396T French for Play Performance: We will work intensively on skills for spoken French, including pronunciation and diction, by putting on a French play. Other: FR 341 French Literature I: From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. (Prerequisite: FR 241). Reading of selected poetry, prose, and theater of French from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment in historical and cultural context. Readings, discussion, and papers in French.

Advanced courses for Undergraduates:

FR 594E Eighteenth-century Epistolary Novel in France: We will read a number of novels written as collections of letters and published in the century of the Enlightenment in France.

FR 594D Defining Poetry: We will pose the question 'What is poetry?' while examining a wide variety of texts from the Renaissance to the present, including Ronsard and Lamartine, Concrete poetry and contemporary electronic poetry.




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