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Fall 2018 Course Offerings




CHNS 101---Chinese Level I     TBA   
           (4 credits; five hrs/wk M-F 9:30 and 10:30) 
           Introduction to Mandarin Chinese. 

CHNS 102Y---Chinese Level II      Siyan Hou
           Continued work on Mandarin Chinese (prerequisite: CHNS level I or equivalent).

 CHNS 201---Chinese Level III      Alice Wang
            (4 credits; five hrs/wk; M-F 10:30 or 11:30) 2 sections
            Continued work on Mandarin Chinese (prerequisite: CHNS level II or equivalent). 

CHNS 241---Introduction to the Study of Chinese Literature      Daniel Hsieh
           (3 Credits; three hours/wk 12:00-1:15)
           An introductory class on the reading and disscusing of Chinese literary texts, classical and modern, readings are in Chinese and English.
           At least 3 years study of Chinese recommended.         

        CHNS 285---Chinese Calligraphy      Ai-jen Wann
        (1 credit; Two hours/wk 4:30 to 6:20)
        An introduction to the graceful art of writing Chinese characters. This course is intended to be the introduction to a two part sequence
        (the Spring semester will be more advanced). NO PRIOR EXPOSURE TO THE CHINESE LANGUAGE WRITING

CHNS 281---Special Topics: Introduction to the Chinese Food Culture PArt I       Ai-jen Wann
           (3 credits; three hrs/wk MWF 2:30)
           Introduction to the food culture of China. This class will study Chinese gastronomy including food history, production, preparation,
           festivals and healthy diet. Discussions will also include gastronomy and civilization, food as cultural diplomacy and Chinese food concept
           outside speaking of Chinese speaking regions. All readings are in English. NO PRIOR EXPOSURE TO THE CHINESE LANGUAGE
           IS ASSUMED.          

CHNS 301---Chinese Level V      Zhengyu Tang
        (3 credits; three hrs/wk; MWF 1:30)
        Continued work on Mandarin Chinese (prerequisite: CHNS level IV or equivalent).

CHNS 313---Advanced Reading and Writing         Alice Wang
        (3 credits; three hrs/wk TTh 1:30-2:45)
This course is intended for students who have completed Chinese 302 (or with equivalent abilities) but have no more than 4 years of
            Chinese learning experience. Teaching materials are selected from a variety of modern texts, TV series and movies. Students will write
            in Chinese regularly.

CHNS 342--- Modern Chinese Literature     Hongjian Wang
           (3 credits; MWF 1:30-2:20)
           Survey of Chinese literature since the early twentieth century. Students will read and discuss selected fiction, poetry, and drama of major
           authors and write critical essays on literary topics. Text, discussion, and written assigments are in Chinese. The focus of the course may
           vary each semester.

 CHNS 401---Chinese Level VII      Hongijan Wang
(3 credits; three hrs/wk; MWF 2:30-3:20pm)
            Continued work on Mandarin Chinese (prerequisite: CHNS level VI or equivalent).

  CHNS 594---Modern Chinese Tales      Daniel Hsieh
             (3 credits, three hrs/week; TTh 1:30-2:45pm)
             A survey of zhiguai and chuanai tales (ghost stories, love stories, etc.) from the Six Dynastyies through the Qing, includind works by Pu
             Songling. all primary sources will be read in Chinese.


*All times are subject to change. The final schedule can be found on MyPurdue.


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