Participants at the 2011 Purdue Summer Seminar

Name Affiliation Project Title
Nathan Ballantyne Fordham University "Biases and Skepticism"
Matthew Braddock Duke University "From No Explanation of Reliability to Moral and Religious Skepticism"
Andrew Cullison SUNY, Fredonia "Phenomenal Conservatism"
Travis Dumsday Livingstone College "Prelest and the Perceptual Model of Religious Experience"
Justin Fisher Southern Methodist University "Meta-Semantic Arguments Against Skepticism"
Dustin Locke Claremont McKenna College "Darwinian Normative Skepticism"
Theresa Lopez University of Arizona "On the Evolutionary Arguments for Moral Skepticism"
Josh May Monash University "Skeptical Hypotheses and Moral Skepticism"
Justin McBrayer Fort Lewis College "The Origin and Rationality of Religious Belief"
Andrew Moon University of Missouri, Columbia "Clairvoyance and the Sensus Divinitatus"
John Pittard Yale University "Disagreement, Rationality, and Religious Belief"
Dani Rabinowitz University of Oxford "Knowledge by Way of Prophecy"
Blake Roeber Rutgers University "An Account of Disagreement's Epistemic Significance with Application to Religious and Moral Disagreement"
Meghan Sullivan University of Notre Dame "Reference Drift and Religious Disagreement"
Joshua Thurow Mount Marty College "Disagreement, Debunking, and Desiderata"

Additional Participants

David Anderson University of Notre Dame Research Assistant for Summer Seminar
Patrick Kain Purdue University Associate Director for "Knowing in Religion and Morality" Project