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Liberal Arts Study Abroad Ambassadors



Former ambassadors include: 

Abbie barton

Major: English Education

Minor: Spanish

Study Abroad Program: WIP Madrid

Why I decided to study abroad...

To travel, of course, but studying abroad does not just offer a structured opportunity to travel, but an opportunity to live abroad, which is a whole new beast. After living in Indiana for my whole life, I wanted to live in a new place and learn its nuances.  

Skills I learned abroad... 

Spanish, most importantly, and self-confidence. I can travel by myself. I can speak in a foreign language. I can.

What I wished I had known before going abroad...

I do not need that many pairs of shoes...


Mackenzie breneman


Major: Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Minors: Spanish, Global Studies

Study Abroad Programs: Global Communication in Barcelona (Summer 2016), Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand (Spring 2017)

Why I decided to study abroad... I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but wasn’t sure where to start. I realized studying abroad gave me the unique opportunity to spend an extended period of time abroad for an affordable cost. I also hoped that studying abroad would allow me to learn more about myself and gain more confidence. 

Best piece of advice that I have for people going abroad... Be willing to try everything at least once even if something is completely out of your comfort zone. Some of my best memories are from times when I wasn’t completely comfortable with an activity and ended up having an amazing time. The best souvenirs you bring back are your memories, so be sure to make as many as possible. 

What I wish I had known before going abroad... It's okay to want to do your own thing and even go a step further by travelng solo. It's great to be in a group, but in large groups especially there can be too many strong opinions and preferences. If there’s something that you feel strongly about and really want to do, go do it by yourself. That just means you’ll have some unique experiences from the people you meet while abroad. Also, keeping a journal is absolutely essential. You're going to forget the small details of that one amazing weekend trip in ten years. Being able to go back and refresh your memory of what happened is a great feeling.



Marie burhenne

Major: Film & Video Studies

Study Abroad Program: FU Best: Berlin, Germany (Spring 2017)

Why I decided to study abroad… I’ve always loved traveling, and I thought studying abroad would be a great opportunity to immerse myself in a culture I was interested in. I wanted a fun and exciting experience that I could look back on later in life. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that college is one of the only opportunities to explore and discover somewhere different for five months while still fulfilling my academic goals. Additionally, I knew some friends who had gone abroad and they always came back saying that it was the best experience of their lives!

Highlights of my abroad trip… Exploring the different restaurants (seriously though, go abroad for the amazing food!), museums, clubs, parks, festivals and stores that Berlin has to offer. The city had such a different vibe from any other city I had been to before which made it even more special. 

What I wished I knew before going abroad… I wish I knew how fast it would all fly by! The whole experience was such an amazing, life changing opportunity, but even a semester is such a small amount of time. Make sure to stop, take it all in, and really enjoy all the memories you make. 



Rebekah Cho

Major: Linguistics

Minors: Classical Studies, Learning Sciences in Education

Study Abroad Program: University of Stuttgart (Summer 2017)

Why I decided to study abroad...

I have always wanted to travel, but not as a tourist. Being a student abroad living with a host family for six weeks really seemed like an incredible opportunity to feel like a local. I also wanted to improve my German language skills, and what better way than through immersion!

Skills I learned abroad...

Local markets are the way to go. Eating out can be easy, but it can add up if you're abroad for a long time. Markets always have fresh fruits, vegetables, incredible baked goods, and other local fare for an unbeatable price. It's also a great place to just explore or buy unique souvenirs.

Fun fact about studying abroad...

If you are looking for an adventure in Europe, Eurowings has a blind booking program where you tell them your trip preferences, and they fly you out to a mysterious location which will only be revealed once you buy a very cheap ticket!



Destiny Clements

Major: Law & Society

Minor: Global Studies

Study Abroad Program: Global Studies in London & the UK (Summer 2017)

What I wish I had known before going abroad... 

Don’t be afraid to do something that you normally wouldn’t. Try that weird dish that you can’t pronounce at a restaurant you found in the middle of nowhere, take a few days to explore a new part of the city you haven’t been to, and become friends with the locals. The best way to experience life abroad is to completely immerse yourself in the culture, and what better way to do that with a new local friend?! Studying abroad flies by so make sure to make as many memories as you can!

Highlights of my study abroad trip... 

The food! I am such a foodie and everything I ate on my trip was absolutely delicious. I tried to get out of my comfort zone by ordering things that you can’t normally find back home and I ended up turning it into a game where I wouldn’t order the same thing twice. Of course the sticky-toffee pudding was an exception, but because London is such a multicultural melting pot, I never had an issue with finding something new or unusual to try. It was also a great way to meet new people because we were always asking around for food recommendations!

Best piece of advice that I have for other people going abroad...

Within my first day abroad, I realized that traveling without my family was a completely different experience that I could never compare to traveling with them. I ended up getting so much out of my trip that I would have never gotten in traveling with my parents. So if you are anything like me, don’t let your previous experiences (or someone else’s) stop you from studying abroad!



Sam gieseking

Major: Mass Communication

Minors: English & Creative Writing

Study Abroad Program: Sydney Internship (Summer 2017)

Best piece of advice that I have for people going abroad... My best piece of advice is to savor and embrace every moment because time goes by too fast! And also, don't be afraid to go out on your own and make new friends and experiences.

Skills I learned abroad... I learned how to best communicate and adapt in a completely different culture - especially in a completeley different workplace culture.

My biggest concern before going abroad... I was concerned with stepping out of my comfort zone so don't be afraid to room with someone you don't know and don't be afraid to travel or get lost because you might just meet your best friend or find exactly what you were looking for! 

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