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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Welcome back faculty, staff, and graduate students! CLA IT is looking forward to a great spring semester in 2017 for the College of Liberal Arts. Please reach out to our Service Desk for any assistance with your teaching, research, or day-to-day business needs.

Service Desk Team Update

Joshua Spiker and Mike Watts have recently joined our team as Desktop Support Specialists. Joshua and Mike bring a tremendous amount of IT knowledge and experience to Liberal Arts and we are excited to have them on board.

Ryan Martin has been promoted to the position of Support Engineer within CLA IT. This role will act as elevated troubleshooting support, evaluate and design better workflows for providing support, and work with our systems administrators on managing desktop software updating and testing.

Joshua Spiker

Joshua Spiker

Desktop Support Specialist

Mike Watts

Mike Watts

Desktop Support Specialist

CLA IT can be reached at 765-496-6333 or by email at ithelp@purdue.edu.

Customers may also utilize our “Contact Us” page located on our website at https://www.cla.purdue.edu/it/contactus/contactus.html.

CLA IT Learning Series 2017

Join us in BRNG 1284 as we start a new learning series for 2017. Session topics and dates are below. All sessions start at 10:00am in Beering 1284. There is no need to reserve, but seating is limited.

Learning Series

February 8th Spam/Phishing/Malware Threats

April 12th Two Factor Authentication and Password Changes

June 14th WebEx and Video Conferencing Options

August 9th Network Storage Options

October 11th Exchange Calendar/Mail Sharing

December 13th Working From Home Informational

Two Factor Authentication

In an effort to increase the security of computer systems and services on campus, CLA IT is asking customers to enable soft token two-factor authentication. The hard token may be requested if the customer does not wish to use a smart phone to provide the two-factor authentication token. Please enable two factor authentication for both the OnePurdue SAP Portal and Purdue CAS Single Sign On services.

Duo MObile

Below is a segment from a Purdue newsroom release.

Two-factor authentication: An explainer

What is two-factor? It’s a system that adds a second login requirement to go with your password. At Purdue, it’s a numerical code randomly generated on your smartphone or a key fob called BoilerKey.

You can (and should) use the two-factor services incorporated by other accounts, such as iCloud, Gmail, Amazon and Dropbox.

Essentially, even if someone were to get ahold of your password (if you fall for a phishing email, for instance), your account would still be protected because only you can physically access your smartphone or key fob to get the necessary login code.

Purdue Professor Jeff Whitten recently began using two-factor for his cloud-based storage system, but he was initially skeptical.

“This seemed liked an unnecessary hassle to me, but I decided to take the leap,” says Whitten, a professor of computer and information technology. “Despite the extra step, and one month later, it has not proven cumbersome at all.”

Boilerkey - Soft Token Instructions

Boilerkey - Hard Token Instructions

Operating System Upgrade Ready

macOS Sierra

Last fall, Apple released the latest edition of their desktop operating system branded macOS Sierra. With each new release, excitement mounts and we begin to receive questions as to when and how customers will be able to obtain the new version for use on their Purdue Mac. When a new operating system becomes available, CLA IT puts it through rigorous testing inside of the Purdue environment before making it available to our customers. We do this to ensure that unexpected bugs and unknown issues introduced by the new software will not limit your ability to use your computer effectively here on campus.

Now that we have certified the new release for use in our environment, it is available in our “Self Service” application, where customers can upgrade at their convenience. We do suggest upgrading while on campus on a wired connection.

Instructions and Tips

YouTube Channel

CLA IT now has a YouTube channel in addition to our Instructions and Tips page.

Purdue College of Liberal Arts IT YouTube

IT News

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The Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) department in ITaP offers many services and software training opportunities for faculty, staff and students.