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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Welcome back faculty, staff, and graduate students! Please reach out to our Service Desk for any assistance with your teaching, research, or day-to-day business needs.

We can be reached at 765-496-6333 or by email at ithelp@purdue.edu.

Customers may also utilize our “Contact Us” page located on our website at https://www.cla.purdue.edu/it/contactus/contactus.html.

BoilerKey Two-factor Authentication


During the 2017 fall semester, all of Purdue’s faculty and staff will need to enable two-factor authentication in order to login to the OnePurdue portal. The portal allows employees to check paystubs and create leave requests. Purdue’s BoilerKey implementation will help protect employees and the University from growing cyberattacks.

The College of Liberal Arts has over 50 faculty and staff members already using BoilerKey. Emily Warter, Academic Operations Manager (Political Science) and Fara Stalker, Business Manager recently began using two-factor authentication.

“I have been using the two-factor authentication since November 2016.  Although at first it may seem that one more thing is added to your login process, it does provide an added security that I find invaluable and comforting—especially working with sensitive data.” –Fara Stalker

“I have used two-factor authentication in previous positions.  It doesn’t take long to get used to the extra step when logging into university systems.  I like the Duo Mobile application; it is easy to use.” –Emily Warter

Learning Series 2017: Two-factor Authentication

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BoilerKey Self Service

CLA Home Directory Migration

This summer, CLA IT, in collaboration with Purdue IT Infrastructure Services (ITIS) merged private folder spaces (your CLA home directory and Purdue career account home directory).  This endeavor helps to consolidate the private folder spaces that are available to CLA IT customers, allows for better support, and standardizes drive letter mappings. Another benefit of a single private folder space, is that this drive is available in every teaching classroom/lab on Purdue’s campus, and maps automatically when you sign in to the PC.

With the migration complete, customers now have a single career account home directory mapped as W: for Windows users. Mac users will continue to mount the Myhome share as normal.

Migrated data location:
Windows: \\myhome.itap.purdue.edu\myhome\username\cla_homedir
Mac: smb://myhome.itap.purdue.edu/myhome/username/cla_homedir 

CLA IT Learning Series 2017

Learning Series

Join us in BRNG 1284 as we wrap up our learning series for 2017. Session topics and dates are below. All sessions start at 10:00am in Beering 1284. There is no need to reserve, but seating is limited. 

Past sessions can be viewed HERE.

Full URL: https://cla.purdue.edu/facultyStaff/it/services/LearningSeries.html

October 11th Exchange Calendar/Mail Sharing

December 13th Working From Home Informational

Ideas for the 2018 learning series should be emailed to Jess Maynard, Service Desk Manager.

Instructions & Tips

YouTube Channel

CLA IT now has a YouTube channel in addition to our Instructions and Tips page.

Purdue College of Liberal Arts IT YouTube

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