Purdue University College of Liberal Art

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Welcome back faculty, staff, and graduate students! CLA IT is looking forward to a great fall semester in 2016 for the College of Liberal Arts. Please reach out to our Service Desk for any assistance with your teaching, research, or day-to-day business needs.

We can be reached at 765-496-6333 or by email at ithelp@purdue.edu.

Customers may also utilize our “Contact Us” page located on our website at https://www.cla.purdue.edu/it/contactus/contactus.html.

CLA IT Annual Report 2015-16

For important metrics and information about the upcoming year, please visit https://sway.com/qlcA6iNI8FbiO09P.

Operating System Upgrades 

macOS Sierra

This fall, Apple will release the latest edition of their desktop operating system branded macOS Sierra. With each new release, excitement mounts and we begin to receive questions as to when and how customers will be able to obtain the new version for use on their Purdue Mac. When a new operating system becomes available, CLA IT puts it through rigorous testing inside of the Purdue environment before making it available to our customers. We do this to ensure that unexpected bugs and unknown issues introduced by the new software will not limit your ability to use your computer effectively here on campus. Once we have certified the new release for use in our environment, it will be made available in our “Self Service” application, where customers will be able to upgrade at their convenience.

When the new version is initially released, we ask that colleagues do not try to update on their own, through the Mac App Store, or by any other means. If you feel that you have a special need to have the new release prior to the completion of our readiness testing, please contact the CLA IT Service Desk to discuss your specific need with a technician.

Winter Upgrades: In December of 2016, CLA IT will begin efforts to bring all supported Mac computers up to a minimum operating system of El Capitan (10.11). More information will be provided via email as this time approaches.

Windows 10 logo

Windows 10 upgrades are mostly complete. There is a small pool of desktop systems that were either off or failed to upgrade and remain on Windows 7. The Service Desk will be reaching out to those customers this fall to upgrade to Windows 10.

The Service Desk is asking laptop customers to upgrade to Windows 10 at your convenience, but before the end of 2016. CLA IT will eventually push out Windows 10 to our laptop customers, but we'd prefer the upgrade be completed at a time chosen by the customer. Windows 10 can be installed from the "Software Center" application located on the laptop. Customers can choose to drop off the laptop in BRNG 3268, and CLA IT will install the upgrade.

Windows 10 informational video (creating/pinning shortcuts, tiles, default apps)

Instructions and Tips

YouTube Channel

CLA IT now has a YouTube channel in addition to our Instructions and Tips page.

Purdue College of Liberal Arts IT YouTube

Spam/Phishing Email


What should customers do with a phishing/spam email when received? If a customer is concerned about an email, that email should be forwarded to abuse@purdue.edu and/or is-spam@purdue.edu.

These emails should not be forwarded to CLA IT unless a technician asks the customer to do so. A customer may email CLA IT about an email, but do not forward the email to the Service Desk. This could unknowingly assist in spreading a virus, malware, or other harmful items to the College.

Email Hoaxes/Phishing

Change Password

Often, customers ask the service desk, "What's the best way to change my password?" Well, we have the answer for you! Please take a look at the links below for instructions.

To reduce account lockouts, update the new password on all of your devices that connect to Purdue services like PAL 3.0 or Purdue email accounts. Such devices include laptops, smartphones, tablets, and any other mobile device.

Mac OS X Change Password

Windows Change Password

CLA IT has created many helpful instructions for our colleagues' more common IT questions and requests. These how-to articles cover email setup, password changes, Syncplicity, printing, the Purdue VPN, and many more. Follow this link to view these useful guides.

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