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Stephanie Lynn Parrish

Photo of Stephanie Lynn Parrish

Assistant Teaching Professor


Stephanie Lynn Parrish is an assistant teaching professor of philosophy and faculty fellow in the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program. She will teaching courses in philosophy of law, biomedical ethics, and Cornerstone/liberal arts.

She received a Ph.D. in philosophy with a concentration in philosophy and classical literature from Purdue University.

Her dissertation focuses on the interplay in ancient Greece and Rome between the religious built environment and the ritual practices that take place within its confines. Precinct and Praxis: Cultic Ritual and the Built Environment in the Greco-Roman World examines this interconnectivity within the context of ancient mystery cults, specifically those of Mithras and the Eleusinian Mysteries.

A thick descriptive analysis of the structure and iconography of mithraea, located in the geographical region around Rome, and of the sanctuaries associated with Eleusis, coupled with a structuralist analysis of the potential for liminality and social cohesiveness inherent in the ritual activity of each cult reveals deep interconnections between the sacred and profane in the ancient world. 

A trained archeologist who has led many study abroad tours, Parrish’s areas of research include philosophy of art and architecture; philosophy of technology; and social theory and anthropology.

Her recent publications include articles on spatiality in Hegel and on museum design and ideology.