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Emily Buehler

Photo of Emily Buehler

Assistant Professor

Brian Lamb School of Communication 

Emily Buehler joins Purdue as an assistant professor of interpersonal communication in the Brian Lamb School of Communication and faculty fellow in the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program.

Buehler completed a Ph.D. in communication studies at the University of Iowa, an M.A. in communication at Wake Forest University, and a B.A. in language arts education at Ohio Northern University.

Her research focuses on interpersonal communication processes in computer-mediated contexts. She is particularly interested in how the features and affordances of online communication channels shape perceptions and behaviors relevant to the process of supportive communication. Her current work investigates how and why affordances such as anonymity, visibility, and social presence impact what support seekers think (e.g., their perceptions of the costs associated with seeking support) and how they behave (e.g., the strategies they enact to get help) in online contexts.

She has taught undergraduate courses in areas such as computer-mediated communication, privacy and disclosure, nonverbal communication, and public speaking. She currently teaches Interpersonal Communication (COM 212).