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Trenton Mize

Photo of Trenton Mize

Assistant Professor


Trenton Mize joins the Purdue University faculty as an Assistant Professor of Sociology; he is also affiliated with the cluster in advanced social science methodologies. Trenton completed his PhD in Sociology from Indiana University in 2017. Prior to that, he received an MS in Applied Statistics and an MA in Sociology – also from Indiana University.

His primary area of research focuses on how gender and sexuality shape workplace interaction and labor market outcomes. For example, he has examined wage inequalities based on sexual orientation and gender inequalities in leadership positions. In addition to this area of research, he also works on methodological and statistical approaches for causal inferences and for testing effects across models. Other work focuses on health behavior and health inequalities, with a particular focus on how social factors and relationships influence seemingly agentic behaviors.

In addition to his research interests, he also focuses on teaching graduate level statistics and quantitative methods courses. These courses focus on topics such as categorical data analysis, experimental methods, causal inference, longitudinal data analysis, and multilevel modeling.