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Mass Email FAQs

Which email distribution lists are moderated?

CLA-All, CLA-All Faculty, CLA-All Staff, and CLA-All Graduate Students distribution email lists are moderated to ensure content is relevant and useful for the college-wide audiences these mailing lists reach.

Why is CLA moderating the CLA-All, CLA-All Faculty, CLA-All Staff, and CLA-All Graduate Students distribution emails?

These email distribution lists were always intended to be for events, news, and announcements that are important to the entire college, or subsection of faculty, staff and graduate students. Moderation is a method to align the usage of these email lists with University policy as well as reduce some of the email clutter.

Who moderates the CLA-All, CLA-All Faculty, CLA-All Staff, and CLA-All Graduate Students distribution email lists?

Moderation for emails submitted to the above email distribution lists will be performed by members of the Dean’s staff. Approval or redirection to the mailing list should occur within two business days.

What criteria are used when evaluating emails to the college distribution email lists?

Appropriate email list usage includes the following:

-     College-wide announcements about policy or administrative information

-     College-wide grant opportunities

-     College-wide relevant news and recognition

-     College-wide or unit events for CLA audience

-     College-wide maintenance or resource availability notices

-     Any other official CLA business

Where can I find the Purdue email use policy?

The Purdue email use policy can be found at

What is a ‘Mailman Listserv’?

The Mailman Listserv mailing service is an open-source email system most often used for collaboration on various projects and a way of distributing current news and other information. They are also used as discussion lists. A subscriber uses the mailing list to communicate with all other subscribers, who can then respond. More information about use can be found here.

How do I sign up for the general discussion mailman listserv?

  1. Navigate to this address in your web browser.
  2. Once you have accessed the list's information page, there will be a section entitled ' Subscribing to Cladiscussions' that will allow you to request an addition to the list.  Enter the email address and name that should be added in the corresponding fields.  Once the proper information has been entered, click on the 'Subscribe' button.
  3. Mailman will send a confirmation email to the address that was provided.  This confirmation email will ask that confirmation of the request be made, which can be done by simply replying to the confirmation email. Do not modify the subject field of this email.
  4. A welcome message will be sent to the email address that was successfully added to the Mailman list.  Keep this welcome message for future reference, as it will contain the necessary information to unsubscribe from the mailing list. 

How do I unsubscribe or remove myself from

From the email account that you are subscribed to the listserv with, send mail to You will receive an automated response requesting confirmation of the request.  Replying to that message removes you from the list.

What is recommended when addressing emails to large audiences?

The more people who will receive your email, the more care should be taken to ensure that the message is meaningful, concise and appropriate. Because it is also easy for recipients to select ‘reply to all’ out of habit, you should also place all recipients in the BCC field. This eliminates reply spam as well as protecting the identities of recipients.

What are the limits for sending mass emails using my Office 365 Outlook mail account?

Office 365 emails are limited to no more than 30 messages a minute and no more than 500 recipients. Exceeding these, or having a large number of BCC recipients may cause the email to be blocked and may also result in your account being flagged as a potential spammer with your password scrambled.

What options exist for sending mass emails that exceed Outlook mail account limits?

If you have a need to send to large numbers of recipients, please consider using either a Mailman Listserv or the campus Delivra product.

How can I transmit sensitive information in an email securely?

Sensitive data should never be transmitted in email without encryption. Restricted data should not be transmitted via email and other solutions used for allowing access to such data. Please contact the CLA-IT department at or by phone at x66333 for assistance on appropriate methods for handling data that needs to be transmitted to another person.

If you have other questions that would be good to add to this webpage please email the CLA-IT service desk at or call x66333.