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CLA IT Services

Technical services provided in the College of Liberal Arts include network administration and maintenance; development of network infrastructure; technical operations and maintenance; technical support of faculty and staff; systems design, analysis, and programming; web server development; development of instructional computing labs; lab administration and consulting; support of instructional computing technology; and support of classroom technology.

Information for working remotely can be found here.

Customer Support

CLA IT's goal is to provide support to customers in Liberal Arts so they can most effectively use the technology available to them in their office, on campus, and on the Internet. We work closely with other IT organizations on campus and with a variety of vendors. 

Our Desktop Support Specialists provide technical support for specific departmental systems and customers. We serve as first-contact people for any technical support issue. Some services we provide directly, and for others we will provide a referral. Services that we provide directly include the following:

  • Troubleshooting of computer hardware and software in faculty/staff offices and departmental labs

  • Software installations and upgrades

  • New hardware pre-purchase research and recommendations

  • Setup of new hardware

  • Hardware repair or coordination of outsourced repair tasks

  • Departmental information technology "visionary"


ITaP and other departments on campus offer information technology workshops each semester. Courses are selected which might be especially applicable to the needs of faculty and staff throughout campus. More information on potential courses can be found on ITaP's Teaching & Learning page at:

CLA IT may be able to offer training sessions upon requests. If a particular training resource is not provided by ITaP please contact our Service Desk with your request.

Macintosh Support

In addition to the support of Macintosh computers within the College of Liberal Arts, CLA IT also offers excellent support of Macintosh computers to units outside of Liberal Arts that agree to a Service Level Agreement. This support includes meeting with the customer to determine the appropriate hardware to purchase, full setup and deployment of the hardware, phone and/or on-site troubleshooting, and complete hardware maintenance of the computer. This support is limited to the computer that has been registered in the program. For further information regarding Macintosh support please contact CLA IT at or 765-496-6333.

Instructional Computing

Students are exposed to technology throughout their years on campus, and technology is being increasingly incorporated into the Liberal Art curriculum. CLA IT supports instructional computing in several ways, including the following:

  • Development and maintenance of over 30 instructional computing labs located in several departments such as Communications, Visual & Performing Arts and English.

  • Coordinate the use of media and teaching/learning resources, including equipment checkout operations, inventory, and maintenance.

  • Work with faculty, staff, and students in using technological tools for graphic design, digital imaging, digital publishing, developing and implementing new and emerging technologies to enhance instructional, academic and research activities.

  • Work with faculty to assist in the exploration and development of instructional technology, including development of multimedia technology, web-based course sites, video-conferencing, and distance learning etc.

Reserving Equipment

The College of Liberal Arts maintains a selection of special equipment for use in classrooms and/or for presentations. Liberal Arts faculty and staff may reserve this equipment on a first-come-first-served basis. (Students may reserve gear at ITaP's Digital Learning Collaboratory.)

How to reserve equipment

Please request reservations by emailing

Reservations will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis and will be confirmed by e-mail.

These resources must be picked up from and returned to the Service Desk during its normal hours of operation. 

In the absence of special arrangements, equipment needed for events that end after 5 p.m. must be locked securely in a faculty or staff office and returned shortly after 8 a.m. the next working day. Equipment needed for early-morning events may be picked up before 5 p.m. the previous working day, if available, and must also be locked securely overnight.

Setup assistance may not be available; please reserve gear for a practice session in advance of your event if you're not familiar with its use.

Available Equipment

  • Windows-based laptop computers

  • macOS laptop computers

  • Web Cameras

  • Projectors

  • Various AV adapters and cables

Off-Campus Use of Univeristy-Owned Systems

With the permission of a department head or director, a faculty or staff member may transport to off-campus locations a computer system which has been designated for such use. (Off-campus use of a University-owned computer must remain consistent with Purdue's IT Resource Acceptable Use Policy. Appropriate paperwork must be filed in the business office.

CLA IT pre-configures such systems for best-possible compatibility with the environments in which faculty and staff expect to use them. We cannot provide hands-on technical support for off-campus computer systems, though. When technical support is required, faculty and staff must return the computer hardware to campus.

Reserve BRNG 3268B Conference Room

Please request room reservations using your Microsoft Outlook client. Create a new Meeting item, and the room or location will be BRNG 3268B.

This room is for CLA faculty and staff only. The conference room includes seating for 14, conference phone, computer with 60" display, webcam, microphone, and whiteboard. The room is available from 7:30AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday. The room should be clean and organized by the specified end time in order to not impact our other customers.

Support of Personally Owned Hardware and Software

CLA IT cannot provide full technical support for hardware, software, and peripherals that are not owned by the University. Limited support may be provided for the setup of Purdue email and connecting to Purdue’s wireless network, PAL3.0.