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CLA IT Service Level Guidelines

Guidelines Overview 

This page represents the service level guidelines between CLA IT and The College of Liberal Arts for the provisioning of IT services required to support and sustain teaching, learning, and research outcomes.

Goals & Objectives

CLA IT's Mission: Build and sustain a highly efficient and effective core information technology infrastructure in support of the College of Liberal Arts’ strategic plan.

The purpose of this page is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent IT service support and delivery to the College of Liberal Arts by CLA IT and other Purdue University IT service providers.

The objectives of this page are to:

  • Provide clear reference to service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities.

  • Present a clear, concise, and measurable description of service provision to the customer.

  • Match perceptions of expected service provision with actual service support & delivery.

CLA IT Service Desk Contact Information

All CLA IT service requests should be sent to Customers may also use the Contact Us page on this site to contact CLA IT. If your computer is not functioning you may call our service desk line at 66333.

CLA IT Service Support Availability

CLA IT Service Support Hours

  • Provided during Purdue University business hours

  • Monday - Friday

  • 7:30am – 5:00pm

  • Excludes University holidays

  • Support requests outside of business hours should be made to before the event, if known.

CLA IT Service Support Outside of Business Hours

  • Support outside of business hours is subject to the availability of our support technicians and should not be expected or guaranteed.

  • If the issue is in regards to a centrally managed Purdue University ITaP service (e.g. Exchange email, Career account, network issues, Career storage space), the customer should contact the central ITaP service desk at 44000 or

CLA IT Service Resolution Time Frames

CLA IT has a Service Desk goal to respond to all tickets within 15 minutes. CLA IT will make best effort to service related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames during standard business hours: 


Initial Contact = contact with the user regarding the problem to discuss the issue, troubleshooting possibilities, and repairs

Working = customer is back up and working as usual, but this may be on a loaner computer if the original machine is broken beyond a simple fix

  • Critical - work stopped

    • Initial Contact: 15 minutes | Working: <2 business hours
    • Examples:
      • Computer will not turn on
      • Cannot connect to Internet
      • Cannot get to network storage locations
      • Keyboard or mouse is not working
  • Important - work highly impaired

    • Initial Contact: 15 minutes | Working: <4 business hours
    • Examples:
      • Specific application needed for your job is not functioning
      • Update needed for business critical application
      • Email issues
  • Request - work is not impaired but needs assistance

    • Initial Contact: 15 minutes | Working: < 24 business hours
    • Examples:
      • Non-critical Software install request
      • Purchasing assistance
      • Permissions change
      • New file storage folder creation

*If the cause of the incident is beyond the supported scope of CLA IT these timelines will not be valid and will fall under the Service Level Guidelines of the service provider (e.g. ITaP, hardware vendor, software vendor)

Service Scope

CLA IT will only support Purdue owned equipment, CLA IT services outlined in the Service Catalog, and facilitate support regarding ITaP managed services.

Customer Requirements 

Customer responsibilities and/or requirements in support of these guidelines include:



  • All users must log in to Purdue owned equipment with their Career account or supplied user account (i.e. for non-domain laptops).

  • If a Career account needs to be created, you must submit a Request for Privileges form through the College of Liberal Arts Business Office.

  • If a Guest account is needed for a visiting scholar or other temporary user, email and include the following information:

    • Faculty name (requestor)

    • Department

    • Name of guest

    • Phone number of guest

    • Email address of guest

    • Dates guest access is needed

  • If an Exchange account is needed, email and include the following information:

    • Employee Name

    • Department

  • All accounts will be created as normal users. If Administrative rights are deemed necessary for the customer to work they will need to sign the CLA IT administrative rights waiver. Email for this form.

    • CLA IT can revoke these privileges anytime.

IT Purchases

  • CLA IT must approve all IT related purchases.

  • Please send all IT purchase requests to with the following info:

    • Requirements

    • Budget

    • Account information (if known)

  • All IT procurement is to be done through Purdue approved vendors:

    • SMARTcomputing (desktops, laptops)

    • GovConnection (laptops, hardware, accessories)

    • Printers (Cannon IV, SMARTprinting)

    • A full list of Purdue University approved vendors can be found at:

  • All computer hardware purchases must be purchased with a warranty.

    • If the hardware is outside of the scope of SMARTcomputing, then you must also purchase a support agreement with the vendor.


  • All requests for IT assistance should be sent to

  • If your computer does not function please call our service help desk at 49-66333.

  • All work related data should be stored in your personal network storage drives W or J: or research collaboration storage shares.

  • Users are required to leave their computer turned on at all times. At the end of the day you need to lock your computer or log off.

  • Change your password by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then click “Change a password”. After changing your password you should reboot your computer and wait 10 minutes to log back in. If you have a mobile device connected to email, please change the password on that device after you have rebooted your computer.

  • Only Purdue owned equipment should be connected to the wired network.

Service Provider (CLA IT) Requirements 

Service Provider responsibilities and/or requirements in support of these guidelines include:

  • Meeting response times associated with service related incidents agreed to in this document.

  • Generating weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on service requests to be delivered to CLA IT Director.

  • Training required staff on appropriate service support tools.

  • Appropriate notification to Customer for all scheduled maintenance through Change Management process.

  • Facilitation of all service support activities involving incident, problem, change, release and configuration management.

Change Management 

Changes to any service in the CLA IT Service Catalog will be guided through our Change Management process.

Change Management Process:

  • Windows applications that are considered global applications are updated via SmartComputing’s SCCM service. Standard Mac applications are updated via CLA IT’s JAMF service.

    • Adobe Reader

    • Apple iTunes

    • Microsoft Office

    • Mozilla Firefox

  • Once the application update has been packaged a Change Management RFC ticket is created.

  • The email is distributed to CLA IT as a notification that an update is available for installation and testing.

  • If no issues are found during testing the application is deployed to all CLA computers during the Sunday 12AM to 6AM maintenance window.

  • The following Monday the deployment(s) are reviewed and the Change Management RFC status is updated and then closed.

  • Microsoft updates are deployed to CLA IT PC’s one day after patch Tuesday.

  • A Change Management RFC is created to notify CLA IT that updates are ready for installation and testing.

  • If no issues are found during testing the updates are deployed to all CLA PC’s the following Saturday after patch Tuesday.

  • The following Monday the deployment(s) are reviewed and the Change Management RFC status is updated and then closed.

Maintenance Windows 

CLA IT will observe a maintenance window for software updates to servers and computers.

Server Updates

  • These will occur on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 12am-6am. During this time all networks services will not be available. This includes file storage, network printing, Internet, etc.

Desktop/Laptop – Operating System Updates

  • Each Sunday from 12am - 6am Windows and Macintosh updates will be pushed out along with updates for any local appliations. All computers will reboot after they have received the updates. Please save your data at the end of each day.

  • Computer lab maintenance windows are on Friday mornings from 12:00am-6:00am.


  • Critical security updates as determined by the CLA IT staff, and previously enabled or missed updates may be installed outside of business hours. This may cause your workstation to restart.

  • Windows 7:00pm-6:00am

  • Mac 12:00am-6:00am