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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Welcome back faculty, staff, and graduate students! CLA IT is looking forward to a great fall semester in 2021 for the College of Liberal Arts. Please reach out to our Service Desk for any assistance with your teaching, research, or day-to-day business needs.

CLA IT can be reached at 765-496-6333 or by email at 

Walk-ins are welcome. We are located in BRNG 3268.

Customers may also utilize our “Contact Us” page located on our website at

Quick Notes

  • Purdue IT support staff will never email or call asking for your password. Microsoft and Apple will also not directly contact you about support. Notice the scam in these instances and don't fall prey. 
  • The most efficient way to resolve Brightspace issues is to contact ITaP directly at or calling 44000. CLA IT does not have access to Brightspace resources to assist with these types of issues.
  • The Innovative Learning department in ITaP offers many services and software training opportunities for faculty, staff and students.
  • Remember to ensure any data not on a network share or cloud storage is backed up. If your hard drive fails, you do not want to lose data. 

Bookmark the new ITaP service status page

If you are experiencing issues with services, please see the ITaP Service Status web page. There you will find the working status' of BrightSpace, BoilerKey, Zoom, Teams, and many more.

Classroom technology upgrades

Follow the below link to details on summer classroom upgrades. All instructors should visit their classroom before the start of class to familiarize themselves with their classroom’s setup.

2021 Classroom Upgrades

BoilerKey Self-Recovery & Backup Codes

If you have not yet enabled BoilerKey Self-Recovery via text messaging please do so today. This feature allows you to access BoilerKey settings in the event you have a new, lost, or damaged phone or hard token. When using this feature, the phone number you provide will be sent a code that will then be entered on the recovery site.

To setup self-recovery, login to and click on "Enable BoilerKey Self-Recovery via text messaging." Follow the steps to verify with your cell phone.

Once setup, you can use the below site to manage your BoilerKey options if you were to lose your phone, obtain a new phone, or in need of replacing your physical token.

Self-Recovery site

BoilerKey Backup Codes

Purdue has created a BoilerKey tool that allows employees to create backup codes in the event they can’t use their phone (Duo Mobile) or token (lost, broken, just not working). These codes allow you to continue to use BoilerKey websites while resolving your lost token/phone. These backup codes, if created, should be printed and stored in a secure location. Please, do not write your security PIN on this print out.

These tools, as well as other BoilerKey setup options can be found at

BoilerKey FAQ

YouTube instructional video


Instructions and Tips

CLA IT has a YouTube channel in addition to our Instructions and Tips page. 

Purdue College of Liberal Arts IT YouTube


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