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On the left, you will find links to the various subheadings. Once you are inside a subcategory, you can scroll up and down, when necessary, by placing your cursor over the arrow icons at the bottom right (you can try it now, actually). To scroll faster, simply click on an arrow icon and hold down (herein lies one of the bugs in Netscape, by the way). The links on the left include information about the following:


1) Literature: includes links that help students learn about postmodern literature.

2) Culture: includes links that help students learn about the age in which we live, which has been dubbed by many the postmodern age.

3) Theory: includes links that help students learn about specific postmodern thinkers and theories.

4) Pedagogy: includes links to syllabi and web pages from classes that introduce postmodernism or postmodern culture to undergraduate or graduate students.


1) Intros: includes recommended books that are accessible to beginners seeking to understand postmodernism.

If you click the Introduction link, you will return to this page. Note that this list is not designed to be exhaustive by any means. I only mention those sites and books that I have found to be particularly interesting or of use. If you know of any other links or books of interest, feel free to e-mail me with the information ( and I will consider adding your recommendation to the list.

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John Strickland's Introduction to Modernism/Postmodernism
A lucid introduction to modernity and postmodernity from a Marxist perspective. The introduction also discusses the differences between modernism and postmodernism, which is to say the aesthetic and theoretical positions associated with the modern and postmodern periods.

Mary Klages' Lecture Notes on Postmodernism
A very detailed and useful introduction to postmodern theory and culture, including a quick overview of the ideas of Jean Baudrillard and Jean-François Lyotard. The site also outlines the ways that the postmodern age differs from modernism and Enlightenment humanism.

Postmodern Culture
An early effort to use the internet for scholarly publishing. Based at the U of Virginia, this refereed journal has since its inception in 1990 published numerous high-profile scholars and superb articles. The most recent issue is available for viewing. Past issues are available to Project Muse users.

Jay Clayton's Postmodernism and the Culture of Cyberspace
An undergraduate class at Vanderbilt University. The web page includes a detailed reading list as well as final student web projects. This site is particularly useful for teachers since many of the readings are provided as web links.

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