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On the left, you will find links to the various subheadings. Once you are inside a subcategory, you can scroll up and down, when necessary, by placing your cursor over the arrow icons at the bottom right (you can try it now, actually). To scroll faster, simply click on an arrow icon and hold down (herein lies one of the bugs in Netscape, by the way). The links on the left include information about the following:


1) General: includes links that help students learn about various aspects of Marxist theory.

2) Marx: includes links that concentrate on Marx himself.

3) Post-Marxism: includes links that help students learn about various post-Marxist critics and ideas.

4) Pedagogy: includes links to syllabi and web pages from classes that introduce Marxism to undergraduate or graduate students.


1) Intros: includes recommended books that are accessible to beginners seeking to understand Marxism.

If you click the Introduction link, you will return to this page. Note that this list is not designed to be exhaustive by any means. I only mention those sites and books that I have found to be particularly interesting or of use. If you know of any other links or books of interest, feel free to e-mail me with the information ( and I will consider adding your recommendation to the list.

Marxists Internet Archive
This is a massive archive with a long history that you can read about on the site. It includes a huge number of reproduced texts from not only Marx and Engels but various other important Marxist thinkers. There is also an extensive "Encyclopedia of Marxism" with everything from "Sergei Vaisilivich Zubatov" to "Absolute Truth." There is also a CD-ROM that can be purchased.

Rethinking Marxism
The journal includes articles by well-known critics, some of which are available on-line.

Mary Klages' Lecture Notes on Marxism and Ideology
A lucid and extensive introduction to Marx and his ideas.

Ron Strickland's Introductions to Marxist Concepts
Check out the weekly introductions for a helpful, often extensive, but also accessible introduction to many important Marxist concepts, including "historical materialism" (First Week), "base and superstructure" (Second Week), "labor power and surplus value" (Third Week), "literature and ideology" (Fourth Week), "Post-Marxism" (Tenth Week), and "Materialist Feminism" (Twelfth Week).

Mary Klages' Lecture Notes on Louis Althusser
Once again, a lucid and extensive introduction from Mary Klages at the U of Colorado, this time on Althusser and his work, "Ideological State Apparatuses".

Ron Strickland's "Marxist Theory"
This course is fascinating since it's an experiment in on-line education at Illinois State University. This is a Masters and Ph.D. course with a fully public element made available through the world wide web. The syllabus is particularly helpful since it is not only well-designed but provides internet resources for many of the readings. The weekly introductions are also lucid and extensive.

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