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Sophia Paulino Adames

Sophia Paulino Adames

Graduate Student // Theatre // Rueff School

Office and Contact

Room: Pao 2192


Phone: 63121

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Sophia is an Acting MFA candidate at Purdue (Class of 2025). She just completed her bachelor’s degree in French Studies at Skidmore College, which is where she re-discovered her passion for acting. Sophia’s favorite past roles include Chemita in Andrew Rincon’s new play: The Myth of my Pain, and Veronica from Adly Guirguis’ The Motherfucker with The Hat. Within the theater department at Purdue, she’s a new member of the Season Selection Committee with the hopes of assisting to select a diverse, critical, and engaging season. Aside from acting, Sophia is a dedicated social justice advocate and painter. Post-Purdue, she plans to take advantage of being trilingual and work in Stage and Films internationally.