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Sally A. Hastings

Sally A. Hastings

Associate Professor Emeritus Faculty // History
Emeriti Faculty

Affiliated Faculty // Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies // SIS
Emeriti Faculty

Affiliated Faculty // Asian Studies // SLC
Emeriti Faculty

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Hist 240 East Asia and Its Historic Tradition (66757)
Hist 359 Gender in East Asian History (13493)

Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1980


Japan & East Asia, Gender in Modern Japan

Professor Hastings earned her A.B. degree at Tufts University, her A.M. degree at Yale University, and her Ph.D. in Japanese history at the University of Chicago. Since coming to Purdue from Northeastern Illinois University in 1990, she has taught courses on the history of Japan and East Asia. She has enjoyed research appointments as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University; as a visiting scholar at Tokyo Joshi Daigaku, Harvard University, and Tokyo International Christian University; and as a Fulbright Fellow in Japan. She has served as a visiting faculty member at the University of Iowa, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, Tokyo Denki Daigaku, and Tokyo International University. Her publications include Neighborhood and Nation in Tokyo, 1905-1937 (Pittsburgh, 1995) and several book chapters and articles on modern Japanese women. She is now finishing a book on the first generation of women legislators in Japan, 1946-1953. She is a past chair of the Midwest Japan Seminar, past president of the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, and has served two terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Asian Studies. She is Editor of the U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal and a reviewer of manuscripts for numerous university presses and scholarly journals.