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Noah McKay

Noah McKay

Graduate Student // Philosophy

Office and Contact

Noah grew up near Boston, Massachusetts and later near Raleigh, North Carolina. Somewhere along the way, and despite wise counsel from concerned friends and family, he got the crazy idea in his head that he would become a professional philosopher someday. So far, Noah has managed to secure an MSc in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh (2023) and publish a small handful of papers that at least five people have found illuminating. No one has told him he is incompetent yet, so he presses zealously onward. He is primarily interested in metaethics, epistemology, and the metaphysics of persons and material objects. His most recent published work focuses on evolutionary debunking arguments for moral skepticism, and he is currently investigating whether such arguments can be made independently of controversial modal-epistemological principles and whether they threaten skepticism in non-moral domains. Noah is also a part-time Lincoln-Douglas debate coach and spends his summers teaching workshops and writing philosophy-centric curriculum for high school debate students. He enjoys drinking coffee, hiking in the Colorado mountains (or any mountains, really), and spending time with his unusually beautiful wife, Alexandra, and his unusually small miniature schnauzer puppy, Hercules.