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Michael Salvo

Professor // English

Affiliated Faculty // Critical Disability Studies // SIS

Office and Contact

Room: HEAV 436


Professor Salvo's research explores issues in professional & technical writing and rhetoric, particularly ethical issues related to writing with digital technology in academic and nonacademic settings. He teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in professional writing and rhetoric.

Recent publications include:
"There is no salvation: Rhetoricians working in an age of information" in Locke Carter's (ed) Market Matters (Hampton, 2005) "Rhetorical action in professional space: Information architecture as critical practice" (2004, Journal of Business and Technical Communication) "Critical engagement with technology in the computer classroom" (2002, Technical Communication Quarterly)

Prof. Salvo currently serves on the editorial board of Kairos, an online journal he co-founded with six other techno-rhetoricians, and the TC Library of the E-Server, an online repository of technical communication research.