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Keith Harris

Keith Harris

Graduate Student // History

Office and Contact

Room: REC 422

Office hours: Spring 2019: T 3:00-5:00



Spring 2019 - HIST 351
Fall 2018—HIST 151
Spring 2018 – HIST 302

Fall 2017 – HIST 152

B.A. Oklahoma State University
M.A. Purdue University

12/20/18: Transit via London; met with scholars there



19th Century U.S.
Political Economy
History of Capitalism

My work specializes in the early national period of the United States with a focus on the relationship between capitalism and democracy as shown through tariff politics. I explore the importance of the emergence of protectionism in the United States and the circumstances that made trade a significant issue for early Americans. I have also examined financial crises in early America as a window into understanding popular economic thought.