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Jashiel Resto

Jashiel Resto

Graduate Student // Philosophy

Office and Contact

Jashiel is a fourth-year PhD student at Purdue University. His main research interests are in the philosophy of religion and metaphysics focusing on arguments from evil, perfect being theology, the nature of properties (especially axiological properties), and modality. He is also interested in philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and philosophy of mathematics (you know, according to some, the boring stuff!). Currently he is in the dissertation writing process. In his dissertation—which he plans to title “Sensible Theistic Metaethics and the Problem of Evil”—he tries to give a new theistic metaethics (specifically a new theistic theory about the nature of moral obligations) and explore its implications to various arguments from evil.

On a more personal note, he was born and raised in Juncos, Puerto Rico (¡puertorriqueño con orgullo!). He is a gamer, so (obviously!) he loves to play video games (specially FPSs and fighting games—he is pretty good at Smash Bros.), and he is also a musician (an electric bass player). He enjoys writing poems and reading good old novels. Whiskey delights him (he is kind of an aficionado), and once or twice in a while he relishes a good cigar or pipe to smoke.