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James R. Farr

James R. Farr

Professor // History
Emeriti Faculty

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Hist 418 European Society and Culture, 1450-1800

Hist 201 History of Globalization: Wealth & Power in World History Before Industrialization (61661)
Hist 610 History Theory and Methods (42188)

Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1983



European History; Early Modern Europe, Renaissance, and Reformation

James R. Farr is the Germaine Seelye Oesterle Professor of History. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1983. He teaches European history courses in the early modern period, as well as courses with a methodological and theoretical emphasis.

He is the author of six books and editor of one:


The Work of France: Labor and Culture in Early Modern Times. Rowman and Littlefield, 2008; A Tale of Two Murders: Passion and Power in Seventeenth-Century France. Duke University Press, 2005;Western Civilization II, 1648 – Present. The College Network, 2003; Artisans in Europe 1300-1914. Cambridge University Press, 2000; Authority and Sexuality in Early Modern Burgundy, 1550-1730. Oxford University Press, 1995; and Hands of Honor: Artisans and their World in Dijon, 1550-1650. Cornell University Press, 1988).

Editor: Industrial Revolution in Europe, 1750-1914. World Eras, vol. 9, Gale, 2003)

Professor Farr is a recipient of the following fellowships: John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 1998-99; Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies Fellowship, Princeton University, 1994-95; and The American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1994-95.

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