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Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz

Graduate Student // Philosophy

Office and Contact

Daniel Schwartz focuses on eighteenth and early nineteenth-century German philosophy. His M.A. thesis argued that Hegel appeals to intellectual intuition in his psychology and that this appeal has significant ramifications for the received view of Hegel’s mature philosophy. To wit, Hegel did not break as decisively with Schelling over intellectual intuition as has been claimed, and as a consummate philosophical reviser, revamped rather than rejected certain of Schelling’s doctrines. Daniel also maintains a longstanding interest in Kant and, in a qualifying paper on the first Critique, argued that Kant grounds philosophy in the ethical idealism of classical antiquity. For Kant, such idealism constitutes a veritable notion of philosophy—one which, like Kant’s critical notion of philosophy, is crucial to understanding what he thinks philosophy is and is for. Outside of philosophy, Daniel is big on film and Seinfeld.