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Christina Walker

Christina Walker

Graduate Student // Political Science

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact



Field of Study

Comparative Politics


Teaching Experience

POL 327-Global Green Politics (Teaching Assistant)



Howard Penniman Scholarship for Graduate Study (Pi Sigma Alpha, 2021) ($2,000)

Thesis Award in Political Science (Oakland University, 2020)

Thesis with Distinction (Oakland University, 2020)

Undergraduate Research Grant (Oakland University Honors College, 2019) ($250)

Research Grant (Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa, 2019) ($1,750)

Provost Undergraduate Research Award (Oakland University, 2018) ($500)



Ghazi, G., & Walker, C. P. (2021). Posts to Protests. Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, 31. (Solicited).

Walker, C., Towner, T., Clawson, R., Oxley, Z., Nemacheck, C., & Rapoport, R. (2021). Learning through Peer Reviewing and Publishing in the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics: Twenty Years Later. PS: Political Science & Politics, 54(2), 346-352.

Kubicek, P., & Walker, C. (2020). Do Truth and Reconciliation Committees Improve Human Rights? Evidence From Africa. The Journal of the Middle East and Africa, 11(3), 295-310.