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Annalise Walkama

Annalise Walkama

Graduate Student // History

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Courses/Instructor of Record:

HIST 104: Introduction to the Modern World (Europe)
HIST 103: Introduction to the Medieval World (Europe)
Lecturer in History and English, Université Grenoble Alpes, UFR de Langues étrangères, 2019-2020

B.A. Youngstown State University (2013)
M.A. University of Louisiana (2017)
Thesis: The ERASMUS Generation: French Student Mobility in the European Union, 1987-1997


Modern France, Internationalized Education, Post-Colonial Feminist Theory

Annalise studies the history of modern France focusing on the postwar period. Her dissertation examines the experiences of the refugee students who fled Eastern Europe for France during three separate refugee crises from 1945-1970. Using the archives of refugee aid organizations, the French police, and the Ministry of Education, this project analyzes how the convergence of race, class, and gender informed the French response to refugee students in comparison to other migrant groups in France. More broadly, Annalise considers what the history of refugee students teaches us about the formation of citizenship in the modern world.

This dissertation project is currently supported by a Ross-Lynn Research Fellowship, and the Université Paris Cité is Annalise’s host institution in France for 2023.