2016 Template Update

2015 was the year of change for Liberal Arts cascade users. We updated all Liberal Arts websites to a new format, moved servers, refreshed content, and made significant improvements in user experiences.

2016 will be the year of updates. We have already made significant updates to templates, planned future updates and improvements, and started reformatting websites for a more user friendly display format. It's going to be a great year!

Below find a list of updates and improvements to Cascade templates in 2016. The CLA Webmaster will periodically send emails to alert you on updates that may interest site users.

Directory Update
Homepage Template Changes
Audience Template (Audience2016)
SEO/MetaData/Social Sharing
Content1b - Banner cover both Content and Left Sidebar
Content1c - 2 Column Layout (Banner cover both columns)
Content1d - Full Width (No Sidebar) *Special Use Case*

Directory Update

The CLA directory has undergone many updates and changes over the last few years. Each update focusing on new features, or areas of improvement. This update addresses the administration side of the system, improving user experience in a few unique ways, as well as enabling a new college level directory that will be used for Student Services, Marketing and Communications, Administration, IT, Development Office, and Business Office. The final details and information are still being finalized on that part, but expect to find a much better experience in the near future.


Directory main page

Directory Update main page

The directory's main page has been updated to include a search box to allow users to search the directory for any individual in the college. On this page you will find a link to the administration side of the directory on the left hand navigation.

Directory Administration

Directory administration

As you can see above, the administration side has been greatly revamped. You now have 2 options for editing and management. You can search for an individual to edit a single profile quickly or you can select an area from the drop down list to manage all users in that area. This should greatly improve quality of life for directory management.

As a side note, when editing profiles you may notice more options in classification and areas. There are a few classifications that will not create a new tab on the current directory pages. Most of those are used for the ne administration directory. If there is a new classification that is not listed and it should be please let me know and I can update the directory appropriately.

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Hompage Template Changes


HeroLink Image

The HeroLink field (Illustrated above) allows you to paste the full URL to a resource and have the entire Hero box become a link to that resource. You can leave this field blank to not this link way.


HeroImage image

This box lets you paste/type the FULL URL path to an image to use for the Hero box. Leaving it blank will force Cascase to use a default image. As a reminder image sizes for the Hero box are: 840px by 350px

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Department | Office Audience 2016

This new template is VERY exciting to announce. The page is very similar to the audience pages on the top level of the CLA website. For example: International.  This new template is broken down into a series of rows. You can also view an example of the audience page in the preview section.

Audience Highlights

1.) Audience Row (Orange)

Audience Row

This row includes HeadDescription; the short header, a - seperator, under that then a short description. Please keep the description 200 words or less. Also in this box when editing you will notice a box that appears blank, but actually has quite a bit of code hidden away behind it. This box is what controls the three buttons you see on the page. To change the links, text, or icons please contact claweb@purdue.edu reqesting the change and providing the link, text, and preference on icon + color. We use and only use FontAwesome for all icons, you can browse the cheat sheet to find an icon to use.

You will also notice a box for the background image. Paste in the URL to an image here to use as the background image for the section. Image Size: 1400px by 700px

2.) Resouces Row (Green)

Resources Row

This row has three boxes that allow you to edit your links to resources for your audience. There is backend code here so don't completely delete everything when editing these boxes.

3.) Extra Content Row (Pink)


This is an extra row that can be insterted into the page. In Cascade you can turn this row on by selecting the Yes toggle. Two boxes will then appear. The first is a regular content box for you to create your content as normal. The second is a background image box. Leaving the background image box blank will result in the default background (white) to be used for the extra row. If you put a link to an image (again 1400px by 700px) then that image will be used as the background image as well as a black transparent overlay to help set apart the text. The text color will become white. 

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SEO | MetaData | Social Sharing

There's a new options for updating social media usage, meta data usage, and improvements for SEO. Read about these changes in this print friendly (and design friendly) pdf or below.


MetaData image

To effectively use metadata and improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your webpages; you can utilize the fully functioning metadata fields in Cascade.

Summary: Input the URL of an image you’d like to use for your social media sharing. Image size needs to be 1200px by 320px.

Teaser: This is teaser text that gets used when someone shares a link to your page.

Keywords: These are keywords that describe your site. Default keywords have been implemented across all sites that include the College, Purdue University, and Indiana.

Description: Include a short description that describes your website. If left blank, the college description will be substituted.

Author: You can list the author of the webpage.

Social Sharing:

Social Sharing

Above is an example of what social sharing of a page can look like.

For this example:

Summary: https://cla.purdue.edu/lovelibarts/social.jpg

Teaser: Love Liberal Arts // Purdue College of Liberal Arts

Description: Learn about Purdue University’s College.....

Author: John Purdue

Please Note: Keywords are used for the page metadata, not for the social metadata but they are still important to have on the page.

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Content1b is a new content type that allows for the banner image to cover both the lefthand navigation as well as the content of the page. You can view an example of Content1b in our preview section.

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Content1c is a new content type that is set up as a two column layout. It differs significantly from Content2 in that the main content area is seperated into two columns instead of having a seperate area added to the page. You can view an example of Content1c in our preview section.

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Content1d is a unique content type that is available only at the administrator level. This content type is for a full width webpage without left hand navigation. Due to the unique nature of this content type and only using it for specific needs, please email requests to claweb@purdue.edu for evaluation of your use case. You can view an example of Content1d in our preview section.

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