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Online Master’s Programs in Communication and Corporate Training 

The Brian Lamb School of Communication offers two fully online master’s programs: The online Masters of Science in Communication and the online master’s in Corporate Training and Communication. Both online master’s programs are designed with professional students in mind, combining rigorous and practical skill-building opportunities with the flexibility that working students need to excel academically without putting their careers on hold.  

The online master’s in communication is a highly customizable program that gives students an enhanced understanding of strategic communication, public relations, branding and many more emerging topics within communication. The online master’s in corporate training and communication prepares students for successful careers in designing, assessing, and evaluating training and communication effectiveness in corporate environments.  


Graduate Certificates in Communication and Leadership and Strategic Communication Management  

For students who want to build advanced, job-ready skills in less time than a traditional master’s degree, the Lamb School offers two fully online graduate certificates: the online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management and the online Graduate Certificate in Communication and Leadership. Both certificates require 12 credit hours and credits earned for the certificates can be transferred into the full master’s degrees.  

Prospective students interested in pursuing academic research and careers in higher-ed are encouraged to explore our on-campus programs 

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Online Master's IN Communication Degree

The degree offers four concentrations or the ability to customize your own degree with industry-specific knowledge.

Online Certification in Strategic Communication Management

Amplify the effectiveness of your communications with the online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management program from Purdue University.

Online Master's in Applied Geospatial Analytics

Cultivate technical and problem-solving skills to develop impactful, strategic communication based on high-quality, data-driven analyses and visualizations, specializing in a context of geospatial data and intelligence.

ONline Master's in Corporate Training and Communication

Training and learning new skills in professional environments will undoubtedly be essential as we face new challenges.


In just seven months, you’ll discover the vital role played by communication within corporate settings and develop advanced leadership skills that immediately apply to your workplace.

Online Graduate Certificate in Medical and Healthcare Writing

Be a sought-after communicator in healthcare by learning the advanced writing skills needed in medical, scientific, public health and pharmaceutical fields.