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Mia McCurdy

BA 2011, History, Political Science

MA 2013, Higher & Postsecondary Education, Columbia University

Transfer Advisor, University of Washington Bothell, Bothell, WA

Mia headed to Purdue after having used Google Earth in 2007 (so imagine the difference in quality of images) to tour the campus. If you would have asked her what she was looking for she would have said she wanted it to look like “college.” Meaning redbrick buildings, which Purdue more than delivered.

While at Purdue, Mia found mentors and friends in student affairs and began to realize that her skill set could serve her well there. A conversation at the end of her sophomore year with Sandy Monroe started her interest in the field. As a student she volunteered with Planned Parenthood of Indiana, bringing sexual assault awareness to campus through events and marketing, and she was involved in student organizations such as Purdue Student Government, and the fraternity and sorority life community.

As she navigated the graduate school process she relied heavily on support from faculty in the History Department, who motivated and challenged her and made her a better scholar. After serving as a national leadership consultant for Gamma Phi Beta directly after college, she attended Columbia University’s Teachers College for her master’s degree. Since graduating she has served as a passionate educator in student and academic affairs, focusing on retention and completion and destroying the achievement gap! She would not be where she is today without Purdue and the College of Liberal Arts, and she is excited to give back as a member of the CLA Alumni Board.