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2017 Indiana Outstanding College Students of Spanish

2017 Indiana Outstanding College Students of Spanish image

From left to right, back row: Lindsey Daoust, Cecilia Tenorio, Eric Klipsch, Dan Olson, Marcia Stephenson. Front row, seated: Lori Czerwionka, Marianne Gupta.

Four undergraduate students in the School of Languages and Cultures have been selected as recipients of the 2017 Indiana Outstanding College Student of Spanish Award by the Indiana Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Their outstanding academic record, exceptional interest for the Iberoamerican culture, exemplary community service, remarkable overseas experience and astonishing passion for Spanish were evident in all of their nominations.

Lindsey Daoust, Senior

Lindsey is applying to nursing programs and hopes to be admitted by Duke University.

Eric Klipsch, Senior
Spanish, Chemistry

Eric has just been accepted by IU Medical College. 

Steven Kouns, Senior

Steven may spend a year in Spain after graduation.

Sarah O'Toole, Senior
Spanish, Japanese, Asian Studies

Sarah O'Toole will spend her last undergraduate semester in the IFSA-Butler Study Abroad program in Buenos Aires.