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Digital Humanities Certificate Programs


Digital Humanities Undergraduate Certificate

Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary field of study that applies technological tools and computational methods to the study of cultural, historical, and literary objects. An undergraduate certificate in DH allows students to explore interesting and complex humanistic problems through the application of technology and, at the same time, assess our technological society using humanistic methods of reading, critique, analysis, and nuance. In this program, students will be introduced to digital inquiry and critical practice and explore the ways that the digital transforms knowledge acquisition and production across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Students will engage readings and activities that will help them form substantive perspectives on the digital’s formulation and practice through digital technologies and tools. This program offers an exciting opportunity for students to combine interests in technology, computer and data science, and engineering with the focused study of history, philosophy, literature, music, and the arts. Furthermore, the combination of a liberal arts and technological education has proven to be attractive to employers seeking creative solutions for technical problems. 


Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate 

The graduate certificate in digital humanities (DH) prepares graduate students in the humanities and social sciences to access and manage humanistic data, apply digital methods, and think critically about technology and computation. Read more here.