Cycle: Voices Remembered
Installation, Gingko and Maple Leaves
Dawn E. Nakanishi, 1993

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Artist Statement
Dawn E. Nakanishi

Installation Work

My installations are interpretations of my personal mythology represented through environmental space, specific natural materials, and elements of sound, smell, light and darkness. These environments are sacred gardens. They incorporate elements from my Japanese heritage with metaphors of scientific evolutionary theory. My installations embody my philosophy of life, death, and the soul as cycle, a rhythm, a journey, and experience. These works are about connection, transformation, memory, and being.

Brooch, Sterling and 14 Ct. gold, 4" x 5" x 1/2"
Dawn E. Nakanishi

Metalwork and Jewelry

My decision to make jewelry is based on a desire to work with intimate space. I am interested in creating objects that invite closer examination and touch. Inspiration comes from observation of natural forms in all stages of birth, growth and decay. Traditional Japanese design motifs are intuitive connections between nature and my cultural heritage. Creating modern talismans or objects that have the potential for spiritual meaning is of great interest. My jewelry occupies space on a person's body, which is a very intimate environment, not so different from my installations which are intimate environments for private contemplation.

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