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THIS SITE IS BEST VIEWED using Internet Explorer or Netscape 7, both of which you can download for free. (Just click on the links I provide in the previous sentence.) If you use Netscape 6 or Opera (especially on a Mac), you may run into some serious bugs when viewing the pages that employ DHTML, so I have attempted to provide alternatives for these users. The newest version of Mozilla also appears to run into problems. Netscape 7 has solved many of these problems.





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This site relies heavily on frames. The advantage of frames is that they allow you to see multiple pages at the same time, which is why I decided to use this format rather than to have individual windows "pop up" when a user clicks a term. (Such pop-up windows become easily obscured when you return to the main browser window.) The disadvantage of frames is that they take up significant chunks out of a given page. As a result, the best way to view this site is to make your browser window fill all the available screen space on your computer. At the very least, the width on both of these columns should be perfectily viewable on your screen. On PCs, you can usually change your browser window by clicking the "enlarge" square at the top-right of your browser window. On both PCs and Apples, you can also drag windows about by clicking the edge of a window and holding down your mouse while dragging the window. By dragging the tab at the bottom right of your browser window (first, click and hold down), you can then enlarge the size of the window to fill your entire screen. You should also be able to see a single rhino right now, which appears as a watermark on this web page. If you do not, I suggest that you download a recent version of your web browser, so that you can make full use of the design features in this site.