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Modern Fiction Studies: A Searchable Index

Volume 18 - 1972

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Issue 1

Guest Editor: Thomas F. Staley
Special Issue: Italo Svevo

Author Title Pages
The Editors An Announcement and a Dedication 2
Letizia Svevo Fonda Savio A Daughter's Tribute 3-6
Thomas F. Staley Italo Svevo and the Ambience of Trieste 7-16
Gian-Paolo Biasin Zeno's Last Bomb 17-32
Paula Robison Una Vita and the Family Romance 33-44
Beno Weiss Svevo's Inferiorità 45-52
Renata M. Treitel Schopenhauer's Philosphy in Italo Svevo's La Coscienza di Zeno 53-64
Paula Robison Una Burla Riuscita: Irony as Hoax in Svevo 65-80
Demenico Cernecca Dialectical Element and Linguistic Complex in Italo Svevo
(Trans. Renata Treitel)
Teresa de Lauretis Discourse and the Conquest of Desire in Svevo's Fiction 91-110
Niny Rocco-Bergera Italo Svevo and Trieste 111-113
Lina Galli Svevo and Irredentism
(Trans. Camilla Rudolph)
Niny Rocco-Bergera Joyce and Svevo: A Note 116-119
Frances C. Bloodgood and John W. Van Voorkin Criticism of Italo Svevo: A Selected Checklist 119-131


Issue 2

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
General Issue

Author Title Pages
James M. Curtis Spatial Form as the Intrinsic Genre of Dostoevsky's Novels 135-154
Daniel R. Schwarz The Narrator as Character in Hardy's Major Fiction 155-172
Leo Gurko D. H. Lawrence's Greatest Collection of Short Stories--What Holds it Together 173-182
Kenneth R. Lincoln Comic Light in Heart of Darkness 183-198
Norma Louise Hutman Disproportionate Doom: Tragic Irony in the Spanish Post Civil War Novel 199-206
Laurence E. MacPhee The Great Gatsby's "Romance of Motoring": Nick Carraway and Jordon Baker 207-213
David M. Monaghan The Single Narrator of As I Lay Dying 213-220
Joseph Brogunier A Housman Source in The Sound and the Fury 220-225
Robert Willard Artinian "Then, Venom, to thy Work": Pathological Representation in Pierre et Jean 225-229
  Recent Books on Modern Fiction 231-326


Issue 3

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
Special Issue: Virginia Woolf

Author Title Pages
R. T. Chapman The Lady in the Looking-Glass: Modes of Perception in a Short Story by Virginia Woolf 331-338
Melinda Feldt Cumings Night and Day: Virginia Woolf's Visionary Synthesis of Reality 339-350
Barry Morgenstern The Self-Conscious Narrator in Jacob's Room 351-362
Kenneth J. Ames Elements of Mock-Heroic in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway 363-374
Miroslav Beker London as a Principle of Structure in Mrs. Dalloway 375-386
Marilyn Schauer Samuels The Symbolic Function of the Sun in Mrs. Dalloway 387-400
Lee M. Whitehead The Shawl and the Skull: Virginia Woolf's "Magic Mountain" 401-416
Annis Pratt Sexual Imagery in To the Lighthouse: A New Feminist Approach 417-432
Jack F. Stewart Existence and Symbol in The Waves 433-448
Susan Gorsky "The Central Shadow": Characterization in The Waves 449-466
Stephen D. Fox The Fish Pond as Symbolic Center in Between the Acts 467-474
Jacqueline E. M. Latham The Manuscript Revisions of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway: A Postscript 475-476
Barbara Weiser Criticism of Virginia Woolf from 1956 to the Present: A Selected Checklist with an Index to Studies of Separate Works 477-487

Issue 4

Editors: William T. Stafford and Margaret Church
General Issue

Author Title Pages
Herman P. Doezema An Interview with Carlos Fuentes 491-504
Reed Merrill The Mistaken Endeavor: Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground 505-516
Morton L. Ross Bill Gorton, the Preacher in The Sun Also Rises 517-528
Geoffrey Aggeler Incest and the Artist: Anthony Burgess's MF as Summation 529-544
Helen E. Nebeker The Pear Tree: Sexual Implications in Katherine Mansfield's "Bliss" 545-551
Scott Byrd The Fractured Crystal in Middlemarch and The Golden Bowl 551-555
Pat M. Esslinger No Spinach in Sanctuary 555-559
Charles E. May Le Roi Mehaigné in Welty's "Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden" 559-566
  Correspondence 567-570
  Recent Books on Modern Fiction 571-650

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