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Department of English

Our Mission

In the Purdue English department, you will learn the kind of adaptive thinking, empathy, and creativity that the current job market demands and that global citizenship requires.

In other words, our classes cultivate skills that will never go out of fashion, including:

  • reading and writing skills (how to read patiently, and with empathy and insight; how to recognize patterns in texts; and how to express your observations effectively)
  • creative and literary thinking (metaphorical and other non-literal reasoning; connecting the dots both globally and historically; telling stories with data)
  • analytical and research skills (how to take texts and ideas apart for a greater understanding of the whole; how to find, compile, and synthesize important information)
  • cutting-edge presentation skills (how to read and understand images and digital texts; how to present your ideas in the most effective manner)

English Department CLA Teaching Awards!

Congratulation to our amazing educators who received 2023-24 teaching awards from the College of Liberal Arts:

Dino Felluga, Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Casey Gray, CLA Award for Outstanding Lecturer

Linda Haynes, Excellence in Instruction Award for Lecturers