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Current Plans of Study:
BA in Communication + Concentration

Purdue's Brian Lamb School of Communication has long been regarded as one of the finest communication schools in the country with a strong commitment to undergraduate students. Because of this dedication to insure the best education possible, the school is enforcing a grade point requirement in order to decrease class size and to increase student contact with faculty.

All undergraduates begin their studies as pre-communication students and remain in this "major" until completion of the prerequisite courses. No other communication class except COM 100 or COM 114 may be taken until students are admitted as a communication major.

COM Prerequisite

In order to be admitted as a communication major, students need to earn a 2.67 GPA in COM 102, COM 204, and COM 318. Courses can be repeated. If you have questions about the GPA requirement, please speak with your advisor.

2021-2022 Plans of Study by Concentration

Communication: Business Communication, BA

Communication: Communicating Science and Technology, BA

Communication: General Communication, BA

Communication: Health Communication, BA

Communication: Interpersonal Communication, BA

Communication: Media and Mass Communication, BA

Communication: Political and Civic Communication, BA

Communication: Public Relations and Strategic Communication, BA