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Paaige Turner – September 20, 2017

A head shot of Paaige TurnerPaaige Turner, Dean of the College of Communication, Information, and Media and Professor of Communication Studies, Ball State University

Dean Turner has been described as a tour guide (“Keep moving towards the goal.”), firefighter (“We can solve this.”), facilitator (“How do these ideas work together?”), innovator (“What if we tried it this way?”) and champion (“Look what you accomplished!). She describes herself as a realistic optimist. “I know that our unique backgrounds, experiences and identities will reveal themselves in the divergent goals for which we advocate and the behaviors that we exhibit. I also know that by putting in place structures that bring together diverse groups in productive, action-based collaboration, retaining a sense of optimism, purpose, and belief in the ability of those around me that those differences will lead to creating programs, opportunities and a world each of us alone could never have imagined. “


Dean Turner is an experienced higher education administrator, communication teacher/scholar and organizational consultant with an extensive background in gender in the workplace, strategic planning, mentoring, change management, budgeting, education technology and international education. Her focus upon collaborative working partnership has allowed her to support the creation of year-round high school to college programs, assessment practices with 100% compliance, faculty and student mentoring programs, award winning faculty educator/learning technology platforms, budget/mission alignment for net revenue gain, and award-winning international programs. 


Her background in organizational communication and commitment to achieving goals that fulfill an organization’s mission has garnered her the opportunity to serve higher education in a variety of roles.Currently she serves as the finance chair for the ACE Women’s Network of Indiana, Vice Chair of Operations for the Muncie Chamber of Commerce, and Principal associate in Communication Resource Associates, LLC. Prior to arriving at Ball State University Dean Turner served as the executive director for the National Communication Association, Associate Dean at Webster University, and Associate Vice President at Saint Louis University. Her peers elected her to serve as president of the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender and chair of the Organizational Communication Division of the National Communication Association.


As an award-winning teacher-scholar, she has published over 40 books, chapters and articles in the area of organizational communication, specifically on topics of internationalization, organizational socialization, customer satisfaction, gender, midwifery and birth, breastfeeding, and the body.  In recognition of the breadth of her background she has been invited to serve on national and editorial boards including the Journal of the Association for Communication Administration, Journal of Media Critiques, Women’s Studies in Communication, Women and Language, Journal of Applied Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Communication Monographs, and Communications Studies. 


Dean Turner has earned international and national awards for her meritorious work in the field of communication including a Presidential Citation for Service from the National Communication Association, Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Award for India, Learning Happens Everywhere Award for exemplary collaboration, Faculty Excellence Award and SLU Star Award. Most recently, she was an associate editor for the International Handbook of Organizational Communication that received the NCA Organizational Communication Division 2017 Edited Book Award.


As a leader in organizational communication, she has been an invited speaker and consultant around the world. For example, the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association, American Council on Education, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto de San Germán, National Brazilian Education Conference, Institute for Curriculum and Campus Internationalization, EducationUSA Training Institution, Boeing, Energizer, and other fortune 500 companies.

Courtney Scherr – April 11, 2017

A head shot of Courtney ScherrCourtney Scherr, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern University

Courtney Scherr (Ph.D., Applied Health Communication, Purdue University) is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies and a faculty member in the Center for Communication and Health at Northwestern University. Her research agenda focuses on the theory-guided design and evaluation of messages containing scientific information about risk to patients. The goal of her work is to increase patient understanding, engage patients in informed decision-making, and increase adherence to medical recommendations. Her current projects examine the communication of hereditary cancer risk and patient outcomes from genetic testing.