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Department of Anthropology

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Department of Anthropology

We acknowledge the traditional homelands of the Indigenous People which Purdue University is built upon. We honor and appreciate the Bodéwadmik (Potawatomi), Lenape (Delaware), Myaamia (Miami), and Shawnee People who are the original Indigenous caretakers. 

Welcome from the Head

In our Anthropologies of Tomorrow (AOT) signature approach, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are fundamental to all aspects of departmental life. We focus on teaching and learning about crucial issues facing our world, building capacity for addressing issues, and preparing students for professional careers. With a public service mission, we feature an exciting interface between students, faculty, practitioners, and community partners, provide enriching educational opportunities and pathways to success with innovative training for addressing global grand challenges.

Our priority to decolonize and transform our discipline and institution is critical to strengthening our department and forging a path forward. Over the last few years, we have all been impacted in many disparate ways. We reaffirm our values and commitment to action on equity, and justice issues, and continue to listen and attend with compassion to the increased needs of students and others in our communities.

Purdue continues to grow enrollments and gain national recognition for innovative improvements in affordability, curriculum, campus life, technology, and facilities. The College of Liberal Arts added 35 new faculty this year and is now searching for an additional 45 faculty members. We welcome two new faculty members in Anthropology this Fall and are searching for two additional Assistant Professors who will contribute to our developing science and technology focus and interdisciplinary collaborations and growing attention to career development. These positions will help us further strengthen our program and our efforts to be a change agent in our university, discipline, and larger communities.