Last Update: Jan. 31, 2011


  Introductory Guide to Critical Theory
    Written and Designed by
Dino Franco Felluga



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Progress Report

After a long period of dormancy, I hope to beging updating the site again over the course of the 2011 calendar year, though work will progress slowly.

Note that some of the sections above are more complete than others. Definitions, links, and other features in each section will continue to appear as I work on turning the Guide to Theory into a text-based introduction. This site will, therefore, be under continual construction and expansion until January 2012.


Scholarship on this site

Click here to read Elaine Showalter's discussion of my web material in Teaching Literature. Click here for her interview with me on her Teaching Literature web site. Prof. Showalter, Avalon Foundation Professor of the Humanities at Princeton and former president of the MLA, has an entire chapter in her book dedicated to how best to teach theory in the classroom, a great place to start for anyone looking for ideas. Click on the image of the book on the left for the link.


To Users of the previous Guide to Theory:

Everything that existed in the previous site also exists on this site (albeit with modifications). That includes the readings of Spenser's Sonnet 37 and 74, which you can find under the Applications section of Gender & Sex, Marxism, New Historicism, and Psychoanalysis. As a second application, I have in each section included a reading of the Dürer image associated with that section of the Guide to Theory. (The Dürer interpretations under New Historicism and Gender & Sex, however, are still under construction.) You can also click on the rhino above.


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