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Welcome to the Purdue Russian Program web site. Here you will find information about SRAPing (Studying Russian at Purdue)-Russian courses, faculty and activities.

Today, we realize that for students getting a job is an important reason for their education. The world is becoming globally interdependent, and to compete for good jobs worldwide a global education is necessary. American businesses are calling out for employees who can communicate in more than one language and know another culture.

SRAPing (Studying Russian at Purdue) makes you a member of a select group of individuals in the US who speak a less-commonly-taught foreign language-Russian. For example, there are approximately 70 speakers of Spanish to every 1 speaker of Russian in the US ( U.S. Census Bureau). Therefore, if you have studied Russian you stand out among your peers.

SRAPing also makes you part of a unique Purdue community. All Russian courses have small class sizes, which allow more one-on-one attention from professors and for friendships with classmates to develop. Both students and professors from your early classes stay with you through upper levels, creating lasting relationships both in and out of class.

The Purdue Russian Program extends outside of the classroom as well. We have weekly tea hours that allows students from all levels of Russian to meet, play games and practice Russian. There is also Russian Club which meets several times throughout the semester and holds end-of-the-year banquets.

Students who have SRAPed along with another major report that they inevitably get asked about their Russian studies during job interviews. Some have felt that they only got the interview because Russian was listed on their transcript or resume. Perspective employers take note of Russian on a resume.

Graduates from our program have jobs in government agencies, in business, marketing, banking, accounting, teaching, journalism, and advertising. An increasing number are making direct use of their Russian and some are even employed in Russia.

Indeed knowledge of Russian can form the basis for an interesting career and greatly enhance possibilities for entering and advancing in a wide variety of occupations.

Start SRAPing now and begin an exciting and challenging language with potential for the future!